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havent heard naught in a long time but nught =0 os 0.07

0.07 =7/100

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Q: What is zero point naught seven as a fraction?
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How do you write 10.00506 in words?

Ten point naught naught five naught six. OR Ten point zero zero five zero six.

What is 0.3008 in word form?

0.3008 = three thousand eight ten thousandths. Zero point three zero zero eight, or naught point three naught naught eight.

What is zero point seven as a fraction?


What is Zero point one hundred seven as a fraction?


What is naught divided by naught?

Division by naught (Zero) is undefined.

How do you write 0.40 in words?

Naught point four zeroZero point four zero

What would zero point To be in a fraction?

"Zero point" is 0. It is an integer, not a fraction.

What is the answer when you change zero point thirty seven and a half to a fraction?

375/1000 or 3/8

What is a sentence for naught?

Their efforts came to naught when they lost the papers. Naught means nothing or zero.

How do you write 0.07 in words?

It could be spoken as "zero point zero seven." But the value of the number 0.07 is "seven hundredths."

How do you write 0.007 in word form?

Zero point zero zero seven two. or Zero point zero zero seventy two.

What is another name for zero?