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The numbers are -150 and -148.

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Q: What two even consecutive numbers have the sum of -298?
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What are two consecutive even integers whose sum is 298?

They are: 148+150 = 298

What are the two consecutive numbers with the sum of 142?

There are no two consecutive whole numbers that sum to 142.With two consecutive whole numbers, one is even and the other odd, and their sum will be odd, but 142 is even.Two consecutive even numbers that sum to 142 are 70 and 72.

Is it possible for sum of 2 consecutive even numbers to equal the sum of 2 consecutive odd numbers?


What three consecutive even numbers have a sum of 138?

The three consecutive even numbers with a sum of 138 are 44, 46 and 48.

What 3 consecutive odd numbers total 270?

The sum of two odd numbers is even and the sum of an even number and an odd number is odd.So the sum of three consecutive odd numbers is odd but 270 is even.Ergo there are no three consecutive odd numbers that sum to 270.Three consecutive numbers that sum to 270 are 89, 90, 91.Three consecutive even numbers that sum to 270 are 88, 90, 92.

3 consecutive even numbers that have a sum of 3?

Sorry. No sum of even numbers can be an odd number.

Is 2001 the answer of the sum of four consecutive integers?

No. The sum of four consecutive integers is two odd numbers plus two even numbers which is an even number. 2001 is an odd number, therefore it cannot be the sum of four consecutive numbers.

Determine three consecutive even numbers who's sum is 42?

Type your answer here... Dertermine three consecutive even numbers who's sum is 42?

What are two consecutive numbers whose sum is 126?

There are two consecutive even numbers. The numbers are 62 and 64.

What is the sum of two even consecutive integers the equal 100?

There are no two consecutive even numbers whose sum is 100. It is easily proved.

Find 3 consecutive even numbers whose sum is 57?

The sum of two evens is even so the sum of any number of evens is even. It is, therefore, impossible for the sum of three even numbers, whether or not consecutive, to be 57, which is an odd number.

Consecutive even numbers that have the sum of 186?

The answer is 92 and 94.

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