Whats an equation for seven less than a number is 12?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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x - 7 = 12

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Q: Whats an equation for seven less than a number is 12?
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If 63 less than 15 times a number is 72 whats the number?

seven seven

What it the equation for six less than seven times some number?

7n - 6

Is the quotient of tirty-five and a number t is less than or equal to seven and equation or inequality?

It is considered an inequality.

Translate this phrase into an algebraic equation Eight less than five times a number is seven more than the number?

Translate this phrase into an algebraic equation The product of two consecutive multiple of three integers?

What is the answer for the problem Seven less than twice a number is the same as one less than the number. What is the number?

This forms an equation which solves nicely: 2x-7 = x-1 x-7 = -1 x = 6

Which equation represent the statement below fifteen less than a number is twenty -seven?


How do you convert verbal sentences to mathematical equation?

Example:VERBAL SENTENCE:Seven more than twice a number is four less than thrice the number.MATHEMATICAL EQUATION:(seven more than) (four less than)(twice a number) is (thrice a number)2x + 7 = 3x - 4=Earljoyce8♥=Hope this helps!!

Next number in series 298 209 129 58 -4?

298 less 209 is 89 209 less 129 is 80 129 less 58 is 71 58 less -4 is 62 The result of each subsequent equation is 9 less than the previous one (89, 80, 71...). The next result is going to be 62-9=53. The first number in each equation above is the same as the second number in the previous equation: 298 less 209 is 89 209 less 129 is 80So, the next equation will be: -4 less X is 53 Therefore, X is the next number in the original sequence, which resolves to: -57

What equation is six less than a number is 14?

Your question is incoherent.

What number is greater than seven less than eight?

Seven and a half (:

What is the differences and similarities between equations and expressions?

Expressions are: General little statements that DO NOT have an equal sign: 2x-4 2m^3+5 Seven less than half a number squared Twice the difference of a number and five. Equations are: Any statement that DOES have an equals sign(or equivalent): 4n+7=11 1/2 b-2=3 Twice a number increased by four is ten The difference of a number and two is five Equations and expressions are similar because they both have a value. Equations and expressions are different because a equation is on sentence, and an expression is a phrase. An equation has a relation symbol, and a equation has no relation symbol. Example for equation: 1. 10 is five less than a number. 10=x-5. 2. A number is less than five. x<5. Example for expression: 1. A number less than five. x. 2. Five less than a number. x-5.

What is 8 less a number negative?

The relevant equation is n - 8 < 0