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(225000/210000) x 100 = 107.142857 recurring (that is, 107.142857142857..) percent. The price increase is therefore 107.14.... - 100 = 7.142857... percent.

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Q: Whats the percent of The price of a house increased from 210 000 to 225 000?
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How many percent increased if price of fuel is increased from 77.20 to 77.84?

You are increasing the original price by 0.00829 percent.

Whats the average price of a house in 2008?

i think the price of a house in 2008 is about 200000

When a price of a good increased by 2 percent the quantity demanded decreased by 10 percent What is the price elasticity of demand?

when the price of a good increased by 2%,the quantity demanded of it decreased by 10% the price elasticity of demand of demand is

A price increased from 30 to 50 Find the percent of increase?

The percent of the increase is: 66.67%

At a store they cut the price 40 for a particular item By what percent must the item be increased if you wanted to sell it at the original price?

An item that has been reduced 40 percent off the retail price will need to be increased by almost 66.7 percent of the sale price to return to the original retail price.

How do you find sales price when given percent of increase?

if p is the percent increase, multiply the old price by (1+p) to get the new increased price.

If the price of the car was increased from 6400dollars to 7200dollars what was the percent of increase?


What percent shold a buyer take off the asking price of a house?

Taking off a percent off the price of a asking price on a house depends on the buyer. About 10% is took off the price of house when selling it.

If GDP increased by 5 percent and real GDP increased by 5 percent what has happened to the average price level?

If (nominal) GDP and real GDP are equal then average price levels are constant.

The price of an article was cut 20 percent for a sale By what percent must the item be increased to again sell the article at the original price?


If a can of paint increased in price from 24.00 to 30.00 what is the percent of the price increase?

30/24 = 1.25The increase is 25%.

In 1969 the price of 5 kilograms of flour was 0.75 cents In 1970 the price was increased 15 percent In 1971 the 1970 price was decreased by 5 percent what was the price of 5 kilograms of flour in 1971?


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