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The X axis goes left to right, while the Y axis goes up and down.

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Q: Which axis goes first when you plot in math y or x?
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What dose y mean in math?

It means the y-axis. Upon solving a problem what number goes into the place of y is your plot point on that axis.

What is the general name of the type of graph where the x-axis has evenly spaced years and the y-axis goes up by multiples of 10?

It is a semi-log plot. A plot with a logarithmic scale (goes up by multiples of 10) on each axis is a log-log plot.

How do you plot on an x and y axis?

The first number is the X axis and the second number is the Y axis

What variable is being on the horizontal axis what is being plotted on the vertical axis?

If there is an independent variable then that goes on the horizontal axis. Otherwise, you decide which way you want to plot them.

In a scatterplot graph subjects age and education in years which variable goes horizontal and which goes vertical?

Better to plot the subjects' ages on the X-axis (horizontal) and their years of education on the Y-axis (vertical).

Whats is the infortance of carstian plane in math?

The Cartisian Plane is a mathematical grid with an x axis and a y axis. It allows a person to plot out the points based on their coordinates and to see the physical appearance of a function.

What is a plot in math?

A plot is simply a graph

What axis is the explanatory variable on in a scatter plot?


When you graph the motion of an object you put on the horizontal axis and on the vertical axis?

On the horizontal axis you would probably plot the time. On the vertical axis you could plot displacement, velocity or acceleration.

How do you plot points on a coordinate plane?

When plotting ordered pairs,always begin at the point of origin (center) and plot along the x axis line first then on the y axis line second/next.☺♥

How do you plot a trigonometry graph?

You plot the magnitude of the angle along the horizontal axis and the value of the trigonometric ratio on the vertical axis.

Why is energy nonlinear?

I have no idea what you mean by energy being or not being linear. In math and physics, a relationship is linear if a graph of one quantity vs. another quantity is a straight line. It isn't clear what you are comparing the energy against. In other words, assuming you plot energy on the vertical axis, what you you plot in the horizontal axis?