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The sine and the cosine are always less than one.

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Q: Which trigonometric functions always have values less than 1?
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How to solve trigonometry problems easily?

The most easiest method to solve trigonometric problems is to be place the values of the sin/cos/tan/cot/sec/cosec . The values will help to solve the trigonometric problems with less difficulty.

How do you solve complicated trigonometry questions?

You make them less complicated by using trigonometric relationships and identities, and then solve the less complicated questions.

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What is the range of the cosine function?

The cosine function, like all of the trigonometric functions, is periodic about the rotation around a circle. Since the cosine is defined as the adjacent/hypotenuse of a right triangle, you can clearly see that its value can never be greater than one or less than -1 since the hypotenuse is always longer than the adjacent side. It turns out that, indeed, the cosine's range is from -1 to 1, written [-1,1].

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