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It is always less than 1 or 100%.

It is always less than 1 or 100%.

It is always less than 1 or 100%.

It is always less than 1 or 100%.

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It is always less than 1 or 100%.

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Q: What is efficiency always less than?
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What is meant by the efficiency of a machine?

It is the output energy compared to the input energy. This will always be less than 100%

What would cause the calorimeter efficiency to be less than 100 percent?

why is the efficiency of a calorimeter less than 100%

The efficiency of an actual machine is always less than what percent?

It is always less than 100% Theoretical machines can have efficiencies of 100% but in practice there is always some energy loss Efficiencies of more than 100% are not allowed by the laws of thermodynamics!

Why is it that efficiency of a machine is less than 1?

The efficiency is always less than one because some of the energy is always useless for what you want. Most wasted energy eventually turns into heat. therefore the efficiency is like a percentage with 1 being 100% a device can't be 100% efficient as some energy is wasted. To work out the efficiency of a device you need to do the total useful energy produced divided by the total energy that is inputted into the device

How does friction change the energy in a machine?

Friction dissipates energy. It may heat the machine or its surroundings, and it's always responsible for the machine's efficiency being less than 100% . . . you always get less energy out of a machine than you put into it.

Compare the efficiency of glycolysis alone with the efficiency of cellular respiration?

the efficiency of glycolysis alone is less efficient. it makes less ATP than cellular respiration.

Why a normal machine could not have the mechanical efficiency of 100?

Because there is always going to be friction, the efficiency of any machine will always be less then 100 percent.

If load varies than efficency?

If loads varies then efficiency is less steeply than efficiency. This is taught in science.

What is the maximum efficiency of machine?

Less than 100%

Can any pulley have a efficiency over 100?

No. A perfectly frictionless machine could have an efficiency of 100%. Anything less perfect must have can efficiency less than 100%.

How do you prove that the efficiency C arnot is greater than 1?

You don't. Such an efficiency can be less than 1, but it can't be greater than 1.

Why is the efficiency of a machine always less than 100 percent?

Some work is lost due to friction. This energy is normally released as heat.

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