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Hiero II, the King of Syracuse, wanted Archimedes to determine if gold had been withheld from a crown by the goldsmith commissioned to make it. Without damaging the crown, Archimedes used water displacement to prove that the gold was not all there.

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Q: Who consulted Archimedes regarding an object that was made of Gold?
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What was the events leading to Archimedes discovery of gold?

The event leading to Archimedes discovery is finding gold

What did Archimedes have to do with gold?


Was Archimedes crown pure gold?

Yes Archimedes crown was pure gold. how they know this is that they weighed the dentisity of the crown.

How did Archimedes determine that the crown was pure gold?

Archimedes wieghed the crown's density to find out if it was pure gold.

What does Archimedes?

Archimedes was a Greek mathematician who lived in the third century, B.C. Among his contributions were a formula for calculating the area of the circle and a way of determining whether an object is made of pure gold by measuring its density.

What did Archimedes want?

Archimedes wanted to know the density of gold to determine if the crown was partially silver rather than all gold.

How did Archimedes solve the gold crown problem?


What was the events leading to the discovery of gold?

The event leading to Archimedes discovery is finding gold

Did the gold crown float in Archimedes?

No, and it did not float in his bath, either.

How did Archimedes prove the king's crown was pure gold?

Archimedes thought that if the gold crown and the gold bar had the same mass and volume, the crown was pure gold and if they didn't, the crown was a fake and the jeweller was a fraud. (I just had to do this for homework. I'm right!)

What is Archimedes gold demur?

You may be referring to the story of how Archimedes was able to determine if a crown had been made of pure gold (or less-than-pure gold) by measuring how much water the crown and an equal weight of pure gold displaced.

How was density used to detect fraud?

Archimedes was told by the king to find out if his crown was made of pure gold, calculating the density of the crown, Archimedes found it to be a mix of gold and silver.

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