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Because you cannot subtract 3/4 from 1/4.

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Q: Why is it necessary to rename 4 and 1 fourth if you subtract 3 fourths from it?
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Why it is necessary to rename 4 1 4th if you subtract 3th from it?

Probably not, but it depends on what you mean by "3th".

How would you rename 7 and three fourths into a fraction?

7 3 _ 4

Rename 12 fourths as a mixed number or a fraction?

12 fourths is neither a mixed number nor a fraction. It is an integer: 3.

Why is it necessary to rename 4 and 1 over 4 if you subtract 3 over 4 from it?

Because 3 is greater than 1. I suppose it's possible to do it in your head, if you remember that in the world of fourths, 1 - 3 equals 2 but it's easier to subtract 3/4 from 17/4 or 3 and 5/4. As long as you can get to 3 and 1/2, it doesn't really matter, but don't tell your teacher I said that.

When you add or subtract units of time how do you know when you have to rename?

you would have to convert the units to be alike.

When subtracting two mixed numbers is it always necessary to rename one of the wholes?


When adding two mixed numbers is it always necessary to rename the fractional sum?


Why would you want to rename fractions with the LCD?

Possible reasons: To add or subtract fractions, To compare fractions with different denominators.

Rename 3 7 8 as fraction?

Write 3/4 with a denominator of 8. Subtract the renamed fraction from 7/8.

How do you subtract fractions in simplest form?

You first need to find a common denominator, not necessarily the least common denominator. Next, you rename the fractions according to the common denominator. Only then can you subtract the fractions. After subtraction you should simplify the answer.

Why is it necessary to rename four and one quarter when subtracting three quarter from it?

If you can do it without, go ahead. But it helps to get the correct answer, since three is larger than one. If you re-name 4 and 1/4 to 3 and 5/4, it's easier to subtract 3/4 from it.

How do you Rename customary units of length?

to be for real i truly don't know but first you need to make the units the same and that's called renaming the you subtract

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