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Q: Without dividing how can you if the quotient for 4637 divide 7 is greater than 600! Explain whether the quotient is less than 700.?
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Is the quotient of Sixty three divided by Seven greater than or less than the quotient of Fifty four divided by Six Explain?

they are the same they are both 9

Will the quotient of 5 divided by 7-8 fraction be greater or less than 5 explain?

you have to figure it out

Will the estimate of 537 divided 8 be less than or greater than the actual quotient explain your answer?


How does the quotient between 2 negative numbers compare to the value of the original 2 integers?

The quotient of two negative numbers is positive. So, when dividing two negative numbers, the result will be positive.

Will the quotient be greater than or less than th dividend when you divide 0.34 by 10 explain?

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What is a quotient?

A quotient is the result of dividing two numbers. If we divide one number into another number, the result is the quotient. It might be argued that the quotient is the ratio of two numbers, but what has been stated applies.

Why does dividing 5 by a decimal less than 1 give a quotient greater than 5?

5 x 0.2 = 25 Or to put it a different way 25 / 0.2 = 5 Dividing something by a number greater than 1 gives you a smaller number Dividing something by 1 gives the same number Dividing something a number smaller than 1 gives you a larger number

When dividing a number which is greater than you by a number less than 1 will the quotient be greater than or less than the dividend?

Dividing a number by a decimal always gives a number greater than the dividend. Some decimal numbers are bigger than 1, eg 506.23 , so the answer is less. The statement "a number greater than you" has no meaning so the question cannot be properly understood.

Which poblem will have greater quotient 376.0 divided by 93 or 376 divided by 93.01 explain how you know?

376.0/93 The numerical values of both the numerators are the same. In the second case the denominator is larger and so the quotient will be smaller.

How much greater is the quotient of 493 divided by 17 than the quotient of 325 divided by 25?

much much much greater

Why does 376.0 divided by 93 have a greater quotient then 376 divided by 93.01?

The two numerators are the same. The first denominator is smaller so the quotient is larger. As a result the first quotient is greater.

What is the quotient of -9 and y?

The Quotient of y and -2 is greater than 8