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A pentagonal prism

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Q: You have 7 faces in all. Five of your faces are rectangles. What solid figure are you?
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What solid shape has 7 faces five of the faces are rectangles?

A pentagonal prism.

Witch solid figure has five faces?

A square or rectanglular pyramid are the only solid figures that have exactly five faces.

What type of solid figure has five faces?

A pentagon

Technical term for a solid figure with five plane faces?


What is a flat surface on a solid figure?

A face is the flat surface on a solid figure. For example, a triangular prism has five flat surfaces and therefore five faces.

What has five faces five vertices and eight edges that is a solid figure?

A quadrilateral based pyramid.

Solid figure with 5 faces?

Despite the blind answer of many uneducated users of this site, a pentagon is 2 dimensional with 5 SIDES, thus not a solid figure. A pentahedron, though, is a solid figure of five FACES. PENTAHEDRON

What is a solid with five faces the net is three rectangles and two triangles?

It's a triangular prism - the two triangles form two ends, and the rectangles join the three sides.

What figure has five faces and five corners?

A square pyramid is a body (not a figure) with five faces and five corners.A pentagon is a figure with five sides (not five faces) and five corners.

What shape has 7 faces 5 being perpendicular to the other 2?

A pentagonal heptahedron. A heptahedron is a solid figure with seven faces, and a pentagon is a five-sided plane figure.

What figure has five faces?

A pyramid

What has seven faces and all but two are rectangles?

A pentangonal prism has five rectangle faces and two pentangon shape sides.