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28m/s 28 m/s

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Q: Calculate the average speed in ms of a cheetah that runs 140 meters in 5 seconds?
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If a bowling ball rolls 32 meters in 0.8 seconds what is the average speed of the bowling ball in ms2?

If you divide the meters by the seconds, you get the average speed. But that would be in meters / second, not in meters per second squared, which is a unit of acceleration.

If you drop a rock from a great height about how far will it fall after 3 seconds neglecting air resestance?

The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 meters (32.2 feet) per second2.After 3 seconds, the speed of the falling rock is 29.4 meters (96.6 feet) per second.The rock's average speed during the 3 seconds is 14.7 meters (48.3 feet) per second.The distance it has fallen = (average speed) x (time) = 44.1 meters (144.9 feet).

A marble is dropped from a bridge and strikes the water in 5 seconds Calculate the speed with which it strikes and the height of the bridge?

Neglecting air resistance . . .The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 meters (32.2 feet) per second2.After 5 seconds the marble's downward speed is (9.8 x 5) = 49 meters (160.8-ft) per second.Its average speed during the fall is (49/2) = 24.5 meters (80.4-ft) per second.The distance it falls is (24.5 x 5) = 122.5 meters (402-ft).

If you cycled 100 meters in 9 seconds What is the average speed?

You are supposed to use the definition of "average speed", and simply divide distance by time. The answer will be in meters/second. If you want to convert that to kilometers/hour, multiply the result by 3.6.

If a basketball travels a distance of 4 meters in 5 seconds what is its average speed?

4m/5s = 0.8 m/s

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How much time does it take the cheetah to travel 500 meters if its average speed is 70 meters per second?

7.14 seconds.

A cheetah runs 900 meters in 30 seconds how fast is it going?

900 meters/30 seconds = 30 meters/second

How can you calculate the speed of a cheetah that runs 140 meters in 5 seconds?

That would be 28 meters per second. Wow that's fast. That's 62.63 miles per hour.

What is the average speed of a cheetah that sprints in 50 meters in 2 seconds?

Its average speed is 50 meters per 2 seconds. The rate can also be expressed as "25 meters per second", "90 kilometers per hour", or "approximately 56 miles per hour".

If a cheetah ran run at 70 meters per hour how far is that in meters per seconds?

1.166 meters per sec.

How do you calculate the average speed without knowing the speed only the time?

To calculate the average speed of /anything/ you need to know the distance it traveled (IE: 500 meters) and the time it took to travel that (IE:50 seconds) Here's how to calculate it: You take the total distance and divide it by the time. So in our example, a car traveled 500 meters in 50 seconds, so the speed would be: 500 meters / 50 seconds = 500/50 = 10 meters / second. So the car would be traveling 10 meters per second. Happy calculating -jp

What is the speed of a cheetah that travels a total of 112 meters in 4 seconds?

Distance = Rate * Timeso,Rate(speed) = Distance/Time= 112 meters/4 seconds= 28 meters/second

If a man runs 200 meters in 25 seconds what is average speed?

Average speed = 200 meters per 25 seconds It can also be written as 8 meters per second

Can a cheetah run 100 mph?

The fastest cheetah ran 100 meters in 6.13 seconds. Answer B: Errr no because a greyhound can run it faster then that and last I checked Greyhounds are a lot slower then Cheetah.

Cheetah travels 100 meters in 5 seconds what is its speed?

0.1 x 3600/5 = 72 kph

If a cheetah travels 100 meters in 6.13 seconds How many MPH is that?

I watched the video of that super fast cheetah too - and also thought that it would be somewhere around 60 to 70 mph... Someone said that was only 36.5 mph, but I had to do the math to see if it's right... I was surprised really...Here's how I did my math and I am not really into math so anyone please correct me if I'm wrong...There are 1,609.344 meters in a mile... so, if you divide that by 100 meters, you get 16.09 units of measure that he would have run if he had run a mile...If it took him 6.13 seconds to do 100 meters, then it would have taken him 16.09 units of measure times 6.13 to run a mile... That comes out to 98.63 seconds to run one mile...Since there are 3600 seconds in an hour, then if we divide 3600 by 98.63, we should get the number of miles per hour the cheetah can run. That comes out to 36.5 mph...Someone please check my logic an math! I thought cheetahs could do 60 to 70...------The 36.5mph is the average speed.My assumption is that it takes a couple seconds to reach maximum speed for a cheetah, and a cheetah can only obtain it's peak speed for a few seconds before slowing down.Timeline:0s - 0mph1s - 10mph2s - 30mph3s - 60mph4s - 75mph5s - 75mph6s - 75mphA cheetah can hold it's top speed for almost a minute.-------Yes - good point - this is an average. I didn't realize that this was a 100 meter dash... So, perhaps cheetah's top speed is 60 to 70...100 meters/6.13 seconds (1 mile/1609 meters)(3600 seconds/1 hour)= 36.5 miles per hourdouble checks. logic and math OK.

What is the average speed of 100 meters in 16 seconds?

6.25 meters per second