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(a + 2b)(a + 2b)

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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a+2b is the only factor.

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Q: Factor of a square plus 4ab plus 4bsquare?
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What is the answer for (-a-7b plus 5)4ab?


Simplify 5aยณ - 4ab plus 2aยณ as much as possible?

5a³ - 4ab + 2a³ = (5+2)a³ - 4ab = 7a³ - 4ab.

How do you factor 16a2b4 minus 9c2d2?

(4ab^2 + 3cd)(4ab^2 - 3cd)

How do you simplify an expression in the format of 4a2 plus 4ab - y2 plus b2?

4a2 + 4ab - y2 + b2 You cannot simplify this expression because it does not contain like terms, but you can factor it such as: 4a2 + 4ab - y2 + b2 = (4a2 + 4ab + b2) - y2 = (2a + b)2 - y2 = [(2a + b) - y][(2a + b) + y]

Er equals 2a plus b inches what is the area of square oser?

4a2+4ab+b2 in2

What is the greatest common factor of 36a3b and 56ab2?


What is the highest common factor of 12ab and 4a2b?


How do you factorise 4ab plus 2ac?

It is: 2a(2b+c)

What is the greatest common factor of 4ab and 6ab?

The greatest common factor of 4ab and 6ab is 2ab. You simply take the greatest common factor from both factors. The greatest common factor of 4 and 6 is 2. The letters can be factored out because they appear in both factors

What is the GCF of 4ab and 20ab?


What is the answer to 2ax2b?

2a*2b = 4ab

Find the difference (-2ab-2a-5)-(6ab plus 2)?

4ab - 2a - 7

Which is a factor of 6a2 plus 5ab - 6b2?

6a2 + 5ab - 6b2 = 6a2 + 9ab - 4ab - 6b2 = 3a(2a + 3b) - 2b(2a + 3b) = (2a + 3b)*(3a - 2b)

What is 4ab x 3a?

4ab * 3a = 12a2b -----------

What dose a2b2(4ab)?

a^2b^2(4ab) = 8a^3b^3.

How do you factorise 4ab?

2a(2b) Would Give You The Answer 4ab. 2x2 = 4 And a x b = ab.

12a2b plus 8a-5a2b plus 2ab - 4ab2 plus 6ab-2a-3ab?

Assuming that non-leading numbers are exponents, the expression becomes12a^2b + 8a - 5a^2b + 2ab - 4ab^2 + 6ab - 2a - 3ab= 7a^2b + 6a + 5ab - 4ab^2= a*(7ab + 6 + 5b - 4b^2)

How do you Factorise 4ab - 6ab?

4ab - 6ab = ab(4 - 6). ab(4 - 6) = 2ab(2-3)

What is the greatest common factor of 24a24ab and 54a?

If that's 24a, 24ab and 54a, the GCF is 6a. If that's 24a2, 4ab and 54a, the GCF is 2a.

What are the common factors of 4ab and 5ab?


What is the gcf of 12ab and 4a2b2?

The GCF is 4ab.

What is 4ab x 2a?


What is the gcf of 12ab 4a2b2?

The GCF is 4ab.

2a x 2b?

Urmm 4ab ?

If the rotor of a wind generator is doubled how much wind power can be increased with same wind velocity?

As the size is doubled and the area is a significant consideration in wind power collection, the output should increase by a factor of 4 (Old size: a x b = ab square units, New size : 2a x 2b = 4ab square units)