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well i think there are about 50 6

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Q: How many 2-d and 3-d shape' s is there?
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Who invented 3d and 2d art?

n i g g a s

What s the difference between a square and a cube?

A square is 2D and a cube is 3D.

What 2D shape has at least one line of symmetry that starts with an 's'?

A square

A 2d shape that has at least one line of symmetry that begins with s?


What 2D shape has one line of symmetry 11 letters and begins with S?


What 2D shape has at least one line of symmetry and 11 letters and starts with an s?


Is Star Wars episode 1 in 2D?

Yes the original make of it in the 2000's was made in 2D. They most recently, however, have been remastering the saga and currently episode 1 is now in 3D as well.

What 11 letter 2d shape has at least one line of symmetry that begins with s?


What has the author Steven R Foster written?

Steven R. Foster has written: 'AutoCAD' -- subject(s): AutoCAD, Computer graphics 'Autocad: A Visual Approach 2d Basics' 'Introduction to VersaCAD Macintosh' -- subject(s): Macintosh (Computer), Programming, VersaCAD (Computer file) 'Autocad 3D (AutoCAD 3D)'

What is the element 1s22s22p63s23p64s23d104p65s1?

This element is bromine (Br).

What are some 3d movies from the 1950's?

A successful 3D movie from 1953 was Kiss Me Kate, originally a Broadway musical. Creature From the Black Lagoon, released in 1954, also succeeded, but made discerning use of three-dimensional scenes. Hitchcock's Dial M For Murder was released in 3D in 1954, but was more widely screened in 2D.

Some good free 3d websites with no download?

nope!!!!i dnt think deres one!!!!!!! There is actually. <-- Is a good site, it's 3D and I LOVE it ;D I believe there are some pretty awesome 2D websites. 3D is hard to come by.. At least one where you do not have to download, or harm your computer :S But, smeet is Fantastic! I guarantee ^^ Well, on a Mac it is :]