How many equations equal 4?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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As many as you want. Here is one simple way to get an infinite number of equations.Start with the equation:

x = 4

Add any number to both sides of the equation. For example, adding 5 to each side, you get:

x + 5 = 9

Since there are infinitely many numbers you can add to both sides, there are infinitely many equations where the variable (x, in this case) is equal to 4.

If you want, you can also do more fancy stuff, such as combining combining multiplication on both sides, with addition on both sides, by two different constants.

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There are infinitely many. For starters:2+2,




and so on. There are infinitely many such additions.

Then you can look at number with 1 non-zero digit after the decimal point:

1.9 + 2.1

1.8 + 2.2 and so on. Again, infinitely many of them.

And then numbers with 2 digits after the decimal point and so on and on - keep going to infinitely many digits after the dp.

Next look at multiples.

And then there are other equations.

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Q: How many equations equal 4?
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