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One or three.

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Q: How many integers must be negative for the product of three integers to be negative?
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How many 3 digit positive integers have 5 as the product of their digits?

Three of them.

How many three-digit positive integers have digits whose product is 24?

There are 21.

What happen when you divided a positive by a negative integers?

The answer depends on how many negative integers you divide by.

What is the product of two negative and three positive numbers?

It is positive. Any product of an even number of negative numbers will be positive, regardless of how many positive numbers you have. Similarly any product of an odd number of negative numbers will be negative, regardless of how many positive numbers you have.

How many integers are between the numbers 4and8?

None. But there are three integers there.

How many integers between 1 and 1000 are the product of two consecutive integers? do you solve?

How many negative integers are greater than -6?

Five of them.

How many negative integers are between -6 and 3?


If the product of 6 integers is negative at most how many of the integers can be negative?

assume that whatever integers you are using are the variables in this. If you haven't been given integers, assume (for the sake of simplicity) that they are one. a * b * c * d * e * f = x -a * b * c * d * e * f = -x -a * -b * c * d * e * f = x -a * -b * -c * d * e * f = -x see a pattern? any ODD number of negative integers will lead to a negative answer, therefore with the limit being 6, the answer will be 5.

How many integers are there between the numbers negative 4 and 8?

There are 11 integers between -4 and 8.

How many integers are there?

an infinite number. integers are all whole numbers, negative numbers and positive numbers.

How many integers between 1 to 1000 both inclusive can be expressed as the difference of squares of two non negative integers?


Are integers counting numbers?

No- not exactly. Negative integers are not counting numbers. Positive integers are identified with counting numbers. Many authors like to start with zero as a counting number.

How many integers are there in the greatest negative integer and the smallest positive integer?

Infinitely many in both cases.

How many one digit integers are there?

There are 10 one digit positive integers (0 - 9) and 9 one digit negative integers (-9 to -1) making 19 in all.

How many three digit integers are exactly 17 more than a two digits integers?


How many positive three digit integers are multiples of 85?

10 of them.

How many 1-digit integers are there such that product of their two digit is 24?


What two fractions have the product of negative three fifths?

There are infinitely many possible answers. -2/3 and 9/10 is one possible answer.

How many positive integers from 1 to 100 can be expressed as the product of two even numbers?

There are 25 of them.

How many odd integers are between negative 20 over 3 and 51 over 4?

There are 9.

What two numbers have a product of 12?

Three pairs of integers alone have this property: 12 and 1; 2 and 6; and 3 and 4. There are infinitely many non-integer pairs also.

How many integers between 1000 and 2000 have all three of the numbers 15 20 and 25 as factors?

3 integers: 1200,1500,1800

Is the product of 8 positive and 3 negative numbers a positive or negative number?

The product would be a negative number. When you multiply with a negative, it doesn't matter how many negatives, the product will always be a negative. For example: if you were to multiply 2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9x-3x-7x-9=-68,584,320. If you don't believe me, use your calculator.

How many even integers are there between -4 and 4?

( -2,0,2 ) three