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48 * 54 * 54 = 131220 cubic inches.

48 * 54 * 54 = 131220 cubic inches.

48 * 54 * 54 = 131220 cubic inches.

48 * 54 * 54 = 131220 cubic inches.

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48 * 54 * 54 = 131220 cubic inches.

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Q: How many liters of water in a tank of 48 inches in width 54 inches length and 54 inches depth?
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What should the water depth be for a 5 inch red eared slider?

5 inches! The water depth should be about the shell length.

How do you calculate volume of water liters in rectangular tank?

Length X Width X Depth of the tank in centimeters, divided by 1000.

How many liters of water do goldfish need?

The size of the tank matters. You multiply the length by the width by the depth in cms then divide by 1000. And that's how much liters you will need. :D

how much water in 9000cubic inches?

In 9000 cubic inches there are 147.5 liters of water. This is based on the formula that converts the volume of water in cubic inches to liters. 1 cubic inch is equal to 0.016 liters.

What is the formula to find the gallon in the rectangular tank?

Gallons in a rectangular tank =(tank's length in inches) times (tank's width in inches) times (water depth in inches) divided by (231)

How much does 352 square inches of water weigh?

Square inches of water is not measurable. The question must be in cubic inches of water in order to give a third dimension to the water. Width X length X depth = cubic size of water you wish to weigh.

How many liters of water are in a 16 foot round pool that is 4 feet deep?

Here's a formula for round pools: distance across*distance across*depth*5.9 for rectangles: length*width*depth*7.5 or for a deep end: length*width*((shallow end depth + deep end depth)/2)*7.5 so in your case, 16*16*4*5.9=6000 gallons=23000 liters

How many liters water in 3394 cubic inches cylinder?

3,394 cubic inches can contain up to about 55.62 liters of water.

What are the units used when measuring the depth of water?

The units used to measure depth of water include ropes, chains, and SONAR. The result of the measurement ... "depth of water" ... is a length or distance, and can be described in any unit of length or distance. Choices include but are not limited to: -- centimeters -- meters -- kilometers -- inches -- feet -- yards -- miles -- furlongs -- leagues -- fathoms

How many gallons of water does an octagon aquarium hold that is 31 inches tall by 22 inches wide?

You need three dimensions to determine volume: depth, length and width.

A unit of length to measure the depth of water?


How many gallons of water are in a pool 72 inches by 15 inches?

Cannot be answered with only these measurements. You need to specify what shape the pool is. Also, for a rectangular pool, the length, width and depth are needed. For a round pool, the diameter and depth are needed.

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