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There is just a single palindromic integer between 1000 and 1100 - this is 1001.

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Q: How many palindrome between 1000-1100?
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What is the 2's complement addition for 10001100 00111001?

To find the 2s complement, invert all the bits (to get the 1s complement) and add 1: 10001100 00111001 → 01110011 11000110 + 1 = 01110011 11000111 If you have an operator missing between the two numbers then if it is subtract: 10001100 - 00111001 = 10001100 + 11000111 = carry set & 01010011 & overflow set. If not subtract but some other operator, please re-ask your question with the operator written out as a word.

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Nine, not including 2.

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there are 10 palindromic numbers between 9000 and 10000 9009,9119,9229,9339,9449,9559,9669,9779,9889,9999

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