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60 square feet would be 60 one foot square tiles. Get 5 or 6 extra for breakage.

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The answer will depend on the size of the tiles.

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Q: How many tile do i need for a 6 foot by 10 foot room?
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A builder needs to tile a 7 foot by 8 foot room with one-foot square tiles. How many tiles will she need?

You would need 56 tiles to do the floor


each tile is one square foot so you need 55 tiles

How many 12 inch tiles do you need for a 5X6 foot room?

each tile is 1 sq ft and room is 6x5=30 sq ft so you need 30tiles

How many 12x12 tiles are need for 126 sq feet room?

Each tile is one square foot. So you need 126 of them, but allow for spoilage.

How many tiles of 12x24 do you need for a 25 square foot room?

Each tile will cover 2 square feet. So you will need 12.5 tiles.

How many tile you need for 640 foot?

If the tiles are 12x12" you need 640 of them...if not, on the tile box it will tell you how many ft. you can do per box.

How many tile 12x12 will i need for 49 sq ft?

12X12=1 Square Foot of tile. You would need 49 Square Feet of tile.

How many boxes of tile would you need on a 560 square foot if the tile is 1.09?

The answer will depend on how many tiles per box.

How many 12x12 tiles do you need for a 11'X11' room?

You would need 111 tile, but with waste you will want to get 125 tile.

How many tiles would you need for a 10'3 x 13' room?

About 137 tiles, if they are 1ft X 1ft dimension, or about 137 square feet of tile. If you are using smaller tile, calculate how many tile are needed per square foot and multiply that times 137.

How many 18 inch tiles will it take to tile a 1500 foot room?

667 of them. Get 733 to be safe.

How many 12X12 tiles do you need to do a 10X11?

The tile is bigger than the area that you want to cover (12x12 > 10x11) so one tile will do. <><><><><> However, if you meant 12x12 INCH tiles, and a 10x11 FOOT room, you would need 110 tiles.

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