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Q: If the ratio is 5 to 2 and there is 14 boys how many girls are there?
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The ratio of 21 girls and 14 boys?

The ratio of girls to boys is 21/14 = 3/2 = 1.5 . The ratio of boys to girls is 14/21 = 2/3 = 0.66 .

Charlotte's class has 21 girls and 14 boys what it the ratio of girls to boys in her class?

21 to 14

They are 12 boys and 14 girls in jed's classroom write the ratio of girls and boys?

7:6 (girls to boys)

What is the ratio of boys to girls in a class of 30 with 16 boys and 14 girls?


What is the ratio of the number of girls to the number of boys if there are 28 girls and 18 boys?

The ratio is 28:18 which can cancel down to 14:9

A youth chorus has 30 members there are 14 boys in the chorus. what is the ratio of boys to the girls in simplest form?

The ratio is 7 to 8

How many people are in a quinceanera's court?

either 14 boys and 14 girls or 7 boys and 7 girls

What is the ratio of boys to girls in the UK?

For the agre group 0-14 years, the boys:girls ratio is estimated as 1.05:1.

What is the ratio of boys and girls in the world?

For the age group 0-14 years, the boys:girls ratio is estimated as 1.07:1.

In a group of 42 childrenthere are twice as many boys as many girls are there?

There are 14 girls.

How you would scale up the ratio 10 boys to 14 girls to find equivalent ratios?

by multpulying 10 to 14 by 2

In ms vinceguerra's classther are 13 boys and 14 girls what is the ratio of the boys to the number of students in the class?

13:27 There are 13 boys and 27 students (13 boys and 14 girls, 27 students total) in the class, so the ration is 13 to 27. Since this ratio cannot be reduced any further, the answer is simply 13:27.

What is an example of a ratio?

if i have 14 boys in my class of 31, then the ratio would be 14/31

If there is a school bus with 36 kids . there are 8 more boys then girlshow many boys and how many girls?

if there are only 8 MORE boys then girls then there are: 14 girls and 22 boysif there are 8 TIMES more boys than girls then there are: 32 boys and 4 girls

How many children did Niobe and Amphion have?

14. 7 boys. and 7 girls

A class has 21 students. One third of the students are girls. How many boys are in the class?

14 boys are in the class

What are the age groups for US swimming?

8 and Under Girls 8 and Under Boys 9-10 Girls 9-10 Boys 11-12 Girls 11-12 Boys 13-14 Girls 13-14 Boys 15 and Over Girls 15 and Over Boys

Can a 14 year old brother babysit?

Boys are just as capable as girls. My rule of thumb is boys for boys, and girls for girls if at all possible.

A science class has a ratio of 3 boys to 2 girls What is the largest class that could be formed with less than 40 students?

21 boys + 14 girls = 35 studentsThis also works for math and social studies classes.

How many carbohydrates should 11-14 year olds have?

40 grams for girls and 45 grams for boys! 40 grams for girls and 45 grams for boys!

In a class there are 28 boys and 14 girls what fraction of the pupil are girls?

It is: 1/2 are girls

How would you scale down 10 boys to 14 girls to find the equivilent ratios?

You have to divide 10 and 14 by the same number to get your ratio. Example: 10 divided by 2= 5 & 14 divided by 2=7 so your ratio would be 5/7 or 5 to 7

Who eats more boys or girls?

well, if your talking about ages 6-9 then boys 10-13 is girls 14-17 is boys 18-23 is girls 24+ its even

Are girls taller thaen boys?

On average boys are taller, but there are a couple years that girls are taller than boys usually between the ages of 12-14.

How Many students are on the track team if there are 14 girls on the track team and one eighth of the team is boys?

Assuming the track team is made up of boys and girls only: if 1/8 is boys, 1 - 1/8 = 7/8 are girls of which there are 14. So 7/8 of team = 14 => team = 14 / (7/8) = 14 x 8/7 = 16. There are 16 students on the track team.