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Yeah i think its really good. I'm a 13 year old girl and my personal best for the 800m is 2.50.

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Im 11 im a boy and my time is 2:49

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Q: Is 2 minutes and 44 seconds a good 800m time for a 14 year old girl?
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Is 2 minutes and 38 seconds a good 800m time?

yes y wouldn't it be?

What is a good time for an 11 year old to run 1500m?

I would say anything under 3 minutes 10 seconds would be a great time for a 12 year old girl. Under 3 minutes and you arereally great, and under 2 minutes and 50 seconds means you are excellent.Happy running! Source: I'm a high school girl who runs track, my fastest 800 time is a 2:38 and I'm one of the fastest on my team.

What is a good 800 meter time for a girl?

No slower than around 2 minutes 50 seconds might let you place.

What is a good 800 meter time for a 7th grade girl?

No slower than around 2 minutes 50 seconds might let you place.

How long does it take to count to 100?

A Hundred Seconds.....

What is the duration of A Good Girl Keeps Herself in Good Order?

The duration of A Good Girl Keeps Herself in Good Order is 2460.0 seconds.

What is a good time for a 9TH GRADE girl in the 800 meter?

in my school, some of the fastest girls in the 800m are around 2:30, 2:25 is the record i think?

Im a 14 year old freshmen girl if my 400m time is 1 10 then what should my 800m time be?

I Think That If U Double Your 400 Time And Add About 5 Seconds, That Should Be It! Good Luck. I Run The 400 In The Same Time :D Double it and add 5 seconds? So each lap is 2.5 seconds slower than your 400 PB? More like add 8 seconds to your 400 time and double it, so 2.36.

What is a good time for a girl in the 200 dash?

around 30 seconds

Can a 12 year old girl run a 3 minute mile because I can while others in my class run 2 minutes?

The world record is 3 minutes and 43 seconds. But maybe you are really physically fit and can run it that fast. If you are that good then why is the world record 3 minutes and 43 seconds and not your time of three minutes. I have never heard of you but I surely would have if you held the world record. In short, the answer to your question is no.

3 miles in 19 minutes 30 seconds how long does it take her to run a mile?

3 Miles in 19.5 minutes (19 minutes 30 seconds) is 1 mile in 6.5 minutes (6 minutes 30 seconds). (19.5 ÷ 3 = 6.5)That is based on her average speed. It is safe to assume that she can run one mile or just even the first of 3 miles in less time, probably around 6 minutes. That is a good pace! A 5k (five kilometers) run is about 3.107 miles. A mile in 6.5 minutes is the same as 3.107 miles in 20 minutes 11.7 seconds (average speed of 9.23 MPH).The female record for a 5K is about 14 minutes 11 seconds. A very good time is still 17-20 minutes. A good beginners time is around 30 minutes.

Is 5 minutes and 15 seconds a good mile time for a thirteen year old boy?

yes this is a very good time. my mile time is five minutes and forty seconds. im 14 and im in the top of my school for running. that's very good.