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Yeah i think its really good. I'm a 13 year old girl and my personal best for the 800m is 2.50.

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Im 11 im a boy and my time is 2:49

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Q: Is 2 minutes and 44 seconds a good 800m time for a 14 year old girl?
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Is 2 minutes and 38 seconds a good 800m time?

yes y wouldn't it be?

What is a good time for 12 yr old girl to run a 800m race?

Hi I am a 14yr old girl and run the 800m and mile at track meets. A good time for a 12yr old girl in the 800m would be anything under 3mins 30secs.

What is a good time to run 800m in for a 12 year old girl?

I would say anything under 3 minutes 10 seconds would be a great time for a 12 year old girl. Under 3 minutes and you arereally great, and under 2 minutes and 50 seconds means you are excellent.Happy running! Source: I'm a high school girl who runs track, my fastest 800 time is a 2:38 and I'm one of the fastest on my team.

What is a good time for 800m relay for a 17 girl?

2:30 or less

Is 2.57sec good for 800m?

Depends on your age and gender. If you are a 13-14 year old girl that is a good time.

What is the average time for a 10 yr old boy to run 800m?

Average: 4-5 minutes Very good: under 4 minutes

What is a good time for 800m for a 11 year old girl?

Well I'd say about 3.00m to 4.00m

800m time for a 15 year old girl?

hmmm maybe under three, If your talking about someone who runs. For someone who doesnt run probably low threes

What is a good time for a twelve year old girl to run 1500?

I know a fast 11 year old girl who ran the 1500 meter in 6 minutes and 30 seconds. This is a good time, so for a twelve year old girl, a good time would most likely be around 5 minutes or 5 and a half minutes.

What is a good 800 meter time for a girl?

No slower than around 2 minutes 50 seconds might let you place.

How fast should a 13 year old girl run the 800m?

Since a 800m is half a mile anywhere 3:45-below is good for a 13 year old girl (that would be estimating around a 7:00/7:15 minute mile)

What is a good time for an average 15 year old boy in the 800m?

Beetween 2.20 mins and 3.30 mins I would have to say I would expect a 15 year old to be running a lot faster than 3.00 minutes for 800m !

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