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It is 77 feet long.

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Q: Marcia has 498 feet of fence. After fencing in a square region she has 190 feet of fence left. What is the length of one side of the square?
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If i have enuff fencing that covers 252 square feet of lawn and the length is 21 what it the width?

12 ft

How much fencing is needed for a 100 square feet backyard?

Depends entirely on the length and width. If it's square then 40 feet, but otherwise just add the length and width and double your answer...

Ben is planning to fence his rectangular garden The area of the garden is 50 square feet and the length of the garden is twice the width How many feet of fencing will he need?

4Improved Answer:-30 feet of fencing will be needed

A square cow field has sides of 10m how much fencing neeeded to go around it?

The perimeter of a square is four times the length of one side. If each side is 10m, 40m of fencing would be required to enclose a pasture, less whatever is required for the gate.

What is the length of one side of a square region that is 121 ft.²?

Each side of the square is 11 feet

The largest rectangular fencing you can make with 56ft of fencing?

A square 14 ft on a side.

How to find a square side if 560m of wire is required for fencing?

A square has four sides of equal length,so 560 / 4 = 140 so eachside of the square is 140m long.140 + 140 + 140 + 140 = 560

A circle is inscribed in a square The square has a side length of 20 inches What is the approximate area of the shaded region?

That depends on what area you choose to shade.

How much fencing for 60 acres?

If the acreage is a square, you'll need 6,467 feet of fencing to enclose the area.

What is the greatest rectangular area you can completely enclose with 100 feet of fencing?

625 square feet.. the area would be a square rectangle with 25 feet of fencing on each side.

How many meters of fencing wiil be needed if a fence was built around a 44 by 48 meter lot?

Assuming the lot is square, you will need to find the perimeter of the lot. The perimeter is equal to the sum of the length of every side of the figure. In this case, (again, assumed), the figure is a square. This square has two sides of length 44 meters and two sides of length 48 meters. The calculation would be as follows:(44 + 44 + 48 +48) = 184 meters of fencing.If you also needed to find the number of square meters of fencing actually needed to build the fence, you could then multiply 184 (the total length of the perimeter you intend to enclose) by the desired height of the finished fence. Say you wanted a 2-meter-high fence.You could then calculate:184 meters long x 2 meters high = 368 meters^2, or 368 square meters of fencing.

A carpenter is fencing a square park having an area of 625m2 how many meters of wooden fencing does he need?

625m2 comes from multiplying to sides of the square park. This is how the area of the park was originally found. So if you want to surround the same park with wooden fencing you need to find the length of those sides that were multiplied by each other to find the area. Since the park is a square we know that both of those sides will be equal, and we can simply find the square root of 625 (this is the opposite of what was done to find the area - the two numbers were squared). When we square root 625 we get 25. This means that one of the side lengths is 25. In order to surround the ENTIRE park you are going to need 4 of those lengths. From here we simply multiply our single parkside length by 4, and we will get the number of meters required to fence the entire park. 25 x 4 = 100; Therefore you will need 100m of fencing to fence a square park with an area of 625m2