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If you mean edges, true.

If you mean faces, false.

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Q: The number of sides in a prism is a multiple of three true or false?
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Does a prism have an even number of sides?

yes it does

What is the greatest number of faces on a prism?

The greatest number of sides can be any amount of sides.

What is the number of sides in a prism?

it is 4 sides and i am only in 4th grade

Which statement is true about the number of edges of any prism?

It is three times the number of sides on a base of the prism.

What is the bases number of sides for a triangular prism?


How many sides does a right trapezoidal prism have?

A right trapezoidal prism has 12 sides. Any prism has three times the number of sides of its cross-sectional shape. A trapezoid has four sides, so a [right] trapezoidal prism has 3 x 4 = 12 sides.

Number of sides on a 3D triangular based prism shape?

5 sides.

How many Number of sides in base does a triangular prism have?

The base has three sides.

How many sides does a prism and a pyramid have?

A prism is any 3 dimensional geometric object with parallel bases which are congruent polygons. The lateral faces of a prism are parallelograms. We generally talk of an n-sided prism where n is a natural number telling us the number of sides the prism has. To be more precise an prism is a polyhedron with two congruent polygonal faces and all the remaining faces are parallelograms. A cube is a common example of a prism. It has six sides. A triangular prism has 5 sides. So the answer to the questions : how many sides does a prism have? is it all depends on the prism, it can have different number of sides. Now a pyramid is also a 3 dimensional shape but instead of two bases it has one base connected to a point called the apex. The base of a prism is a polygon and a prism is a polyhedron also. It can have different number of sides also so there is once again no fixed answer.

What is the expression for the number of edges of a prism?

Edges = 3 x number of sides in end of prism For example, a hexagonal prism would have 3 x 6 = 18 edges since there are 6 sides to a hexagon.

Is a ball a prism?

No, A prism is a 3D shape with 2 bases and multiple sides that connect to both bases like cubes, but balls are usually smooth (or have multiple faces like a soccer ball).

What do you notice about the number of edges of a prism?

It's three times the number of sides of the base.

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