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If you mean 125% as a decimal then it is 1.25

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Q: What Is One hundred twenty five percent Written As A Decimal Number?
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How do you write 5.4 percent as a decimal number?

5.4 percent can be written in decimal number as 5.4 percent can be written as 5.4 /100 0.054 (answer)

What is two hundred fifty percent as a decimal?

250% as a decimal = 250.00 (Note it is a whole number).

How can you change a percent into a decimal?

If ther percent is under 100, just put a decimal in front of the number. 60%=.60. If the percent is over a hundred, put the decimal before the second last number. 1200% = 12.00.

What is 1.0008 written as a decimal?

1.0008 is already a decimal number. Do you mean making it until a percent

What is the number 100 written as a fraction decimal and percent?

As a fraction or decimal : 100As a percent : 10000%

How do you convert 146.8 percent to decimal and mixed number?

Expressed as a decimal, this is equal to 1.468. Expressed as a mixed number, this is equal to 1 117/250 or one and one hundred and seventeen two hundred and fiftieths.

What is the decimal number for four hundred-thousandths?

The decimal number for four hundred-thousandths is 0.00004

How do you turn a 6.5 percent into a decimal?

percent means per hundred, so you divide the number part by 100: 6.5% = 6.5 per hundred = 6.5/100 = 0.065

How do you write two hundred and four hundredths in decimal form?

The number is written as 0.204.

What is the written form of the decimal number .954?

Nine hundred fifty-four thousandths

How do you write two hundred sixty-eight and two hundred fifty thousandths as a decimal number?

The value is written as: 268.250

Write 300 percent as a decimal?

A percentage is a number divided by one hundred. So 300% would be 300 ÷ 100, which is equal to the decimal 3.00.

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