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rectangle, quadrilateral, and parallelagram

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par alle lag ram
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rectangle paralleiogram

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Q: What are different names for a rectangle?
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Related questions

What are 2 different names for a rectangle?

Parallelogram and Rectangle

What are different names for a parallelogram?

rhombus rectangle

What a different names for a parallelogram?

rhombus rectangle

What are three different names for a rectangle?

Every rectangle is also a parallelogram and a quadrilateral.

Can a squares be a rectangle?

No, but put 2 squares beside each other and get a rectangle! No, that's why they have different names.

What are 4 different names for rectangle?

quadrilateral, quadrangle, tetralateral, tetrangle.

What are all the names for rectangle?


What are rhombus parallelogram and a rectangle are all names for?

A rhombus, a parallelogram, and a rectangle, are different examples of quadrilaterals, that is, four-sided shapes.

What are the names of four different types of quadrilaterals?

square, rectangle, trapezoid, rhombus

What are 2 names for a rectangle?

rectangle and a square

What are all The names of a rectangle?

a rectangle and quadrilateral

Different names of rectangels?

other name of of rectangle is a box or rectangleprirm i hope this helped your ?????

What is 9 different names for a rectangle?

Here are a few: Rectangle, Square, Polygon, four sided shape, A shape with Unequal Adjacent Sides

Give 2 names for A rectangle?

rectangle or paralellogram

What are diffrent names for a rectangle?

A rectangle is a right quadrilateral.

What is the names for rectangle?

a quadrilateral

Names for a rectangle?


What are the names for a rectangle?


What are two names for the rectangle?

Rectangle is one, square is another.

A rhombus is a rectangle?

no a rectangle is very different from a rhombus because a rhombus different angles than a rectangle

What are other names for a rectangle?

a parallelogram

How many names does a rectangle have?


How many names are there for a rectangle?


How is a rectangle a square?

A rectangle and a square are different shapes. A rectangle cannot be a square.

How are rectangle and triangle different?

The reason why a rectangle and a triangle is different is because a rectangle has four sides and a triangle has three sides.