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natural numbers


and whole numbers

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i have no idea

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Q: What are the subsets of rational numbers?
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Related questions

What are the subsets of irrational numbers?

There are no subsets of irrational numbers. There are subsets of rational numbers, however.

What subsets of real numbers -22 belong?

Rational numbers.

The set of real numbers can be broken up into two disjoint subsets What are the two subsets?

Rational Numbers and Irrational Numbers

Are rational numbers is an irrational numbers?

yes * * * * * No. Rational and irrational numbers are two DISJOINT subsets of the real numbers. That is, no rational number is irrational and no irrational is rational.

What is the 2 main subsets of real numbers?

The two main DISJOINT subsets of the Real numbers are the rational numbers and the irrational numbers.

Are integers and rational numbers related to real numbers?

Both are subsets of the real numbers.

How are rational numbers and integal numbers related to set of real numbers?

Both rational numbers and integers are subsets of the set of real numbers.

Which subsets does the number -22 belong?

Integers, Rational numbers, Real numbers and Complex numbers.

To which subsets of the real numbers does the number 1.68 belong?

Real number, Rational Number

What are the two subsets of the real numbers that form the set of real numbers?

rational numbers and irrational numbers

What is the smallest digit that's common in all subsets of the rational numbers?

There is no such number. The empty set is a subset of rational numbers and, by definition, it contains no numbers so nothing that can be common to any other subset.Alternatively, all rational numbers less than -1 and all rational numbers greater than 1 are subsets of rational numbers. There is no number common to them.

How can you represent how to set of whole numbers integers and rational numbers are related to each other?

Concentric circles. The set of whole numbers is a subset of the set of integers and both of them are subsets of the set of rational numbers.

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