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The resultant is a null vector and so has no direction.

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it is balls

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Q: What is the direction of the resulting vector if vector of 2 units North is added to a vector of 2 units South?
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If a ball is rolling in a straight line and you push it to the right what happends to the velocity?

The overall velocity would increase. The ball would then have a curved path with some velocity vector in the North South direction and some vector in the East West Direction

How does a vector quantity differ form a scalar quantity?

Vector quantities have direction as well as magnitude Vector: -displacement (10 m North) -velocity (100 mph south) Scalar -distance (10 m) -speed (100 mph)

Is calories a scalar or a vector quantity?

well, by definition vector is something that has both direction and magnitude, in this case weight is only countable when gravity exists, and of course gravity has direction direction for vector doesnt have to be like north, south or within the plane because vectors are free and can be moved anywhere without changing its magnitude.

From what direction is the north pole from the US?

South, every direction from the North Pole is south.

Which direction is equator from south pole?

It is North.(From the south Pole, every direction is north.)

Is the momentum of the car travelling north different from the one of the same car when it travels south at the same speed?

Momentum is a vector. This means it has magnitude and direction. The magnitude will be the same. But the sign will be different. If north is positive, south will be negative. This is the only difference.

In physics what is a vector?

A vector is the mathematical representation of an action or other entity that has both magnitude and direction. One of the most common contrasts is that between speed, which has magnitude but not direction, and velocity, which also has direction. A speed of 60 mph has the same meaning in any direction, but a velocity of 60 mph north has significantly different consequences from a velocity of 60 mph south, especially if one begins from some point on the north shore of a lake!

What Direction do Egypt winds blow?

From North to South.

What is the direction of resultant vector when a vector of 25 units south is added to a vector 25 units east?


What direction is the equator from the north pole?

From the North Pole evey direction is south.

What direction is the equator from the south poie?

From the South Pole, every direction is North.

In what direction would you have travelled if you flew from North Pole to Mexico?

South, as from the North Pole, the only possible direction is south.