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For each coordinate point (x, y), the x-value becomes its opposite. Were it positive, it becomes negative, and vice versa. The y-value remains the same. In other words, each point (x, y) becomes (-x, y).

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The abscissa changes sign, the ordinate remains unchanged.

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Q: When a polygon reflects across the y-axis how do the coordinates of the points change?
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How does reflection across the y-axis change the coordinates of the orignal point?

y' = y, x' = -x.

How doe the reflection across the x axis change the coordinates pf a point?

If your points are (p,f), they become (p,-f).

How does a reflection across the y axis change the coordinates of a point?

Reflection across the y-axis changes the sign of the x - coordinate only, that is, (x, y) becomes (-x, y).

What is meant by slope in coordinate geometry?

Rise over run, generally change in y-coordinates divided by change in x-coordinates.

When reflecting a figure in the x-axis will you change all of the figures X coordinates or the y coordinates?

The y-coordinates.The y-coordinates.The y-coordinates.The y-coordinates.

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if i have a dilation of -3 i multiply by -3 right?


What is the ratio of the change in the y-coordinates to the corresponding change in the x-coordinates as you move one point to another along a line called?

Slope. I'm pretty sure.

Why can slope be referred to as rate of change?

Slope can be referred to by rate of change because it is the rate that x changes compared to y on a graph.

How does the proportional change in the dimensions affect the area of a polygon?

Change in area = (change in sides)2

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How do the coordinates of a point change when it is reflected over the y-axis?

me no no