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They will always be rational numbers.

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Q: Will repeating decimals always or never be rational numbers?
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Related questions

Are reapeating decimals sometimes rational numbers?

Repeating decimals are ALWAYS rational numbers.

Are repeating decimals always rational numbers?


Are repeating decimals sometimes always or never rational numbers?


Will repeating decimals always be rational numbers?

Yes, they will.

Is a repeating decimal sometimes a rational number?

Repeating decimals are always rational.

Are terminating decimals always rational numbers?

Yes, terminating decimals are always rational numbers.

The quotient of two integers is always a rational number?

Yes. All numbers are rational numbers except repeating decimals like 1.3(repeating). * * * * * Repeating decimals are also rationals. However, the quotient is not defined if the second number is the integer zero!

Are decimals in a fraction always rational numbers?

There are are three types of decimals: terminating, repeating and non-terminating/non-repeating. The first two are rational, the third is not.

Are terminating decimals always nether or sometimes a rational numbers?

They are always rational numbers.

Why are terminating decimals rational numbers?

they always are.

Is rational number sometimes never or always repeating?

If you consider terminating decimals as ones that end in repeating 0s, then the answer is "always".

That decimals that have repeating patterns always have the same numbers?

Yes, that's what "repeating" refers to.

Is a repeating decimal a rational number?


Is the product of three rational numbers rational or irrational?

A rational number in essence is any number that can be expressed as a fraction of integers (i.e. repeating decimal). Taking the product of any number of rational numbers will always yield another rational number.

Are terminating decimals always sometimes or never a rational number?


Are the repeating decimal always rational number?


Is a repeating decimal always a rational number?


The number 0.7777... repeats forever therefore it is irrational.?

No. Repeating decimals are always rational. 0.7777... is actually the decimal expansion of 7/9, which as you can clearly see is rational (it's the ratio of 7 to 9).

Is the sum of two rational numbers is it rational or irrational?

Such a sum is always rational.

Are irrational numbers always rational?

Irrational numbers are never rational numbers

Are rational numbers integers?

No, not always, although integers are rational numbers.

Are whole numbers rational or irrational?

Whole numbers are always rational

Is the difference between two rational numbers always a rational numbers?


Does a rational number repeat?

A rational number always repeats or terminates which can be thought of as repeating zeroes.

What is the product of two rational numbers?

The product of two rational numbers is always a rational number.