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1/4 you see if you flip two coins there's a better chance you'll get a head and a tail then any thing else. 2/4 you'll get a head and a tail, 1/4 you'll get two heads and 1/4 you'll get two tails.

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Q: If you flip two coins what are the odds they will both land on heads?
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Related questions

If you flip 3 coins what is the chance that 2 will land on heads?


You flip 3 coins what is the probability that you get exactly 3 heads?

There is a 1/8 chance to land three heads.

Why do pennies land heads up?

Luck of the flip, but they do not always land heads up.

A fair nickel and a fair dice are tossed once outcomes match when both coins land on heads or both coins land on tails What is the theoretical probability of a match?

The probability of 2 coins both landing on heads or both landing on tails is 1/2 because there are 4 possible outcomes. Head, head. Head, tails. Tails, tails. Tails, heads. Tails, heads is different from heads, tails for reasons I am unsure of.

When tossing 5 coins simultaneously what is the probability one will land heads up?

The probability that exactly one will land heads up is 0.15625

If you flip two coin 68 times what is the best prediction possible for the number of times both coins will land on heads?

Since the probability is 1/4, the number of times this will happen will likely be close to 68 divided by 4.

If you flip a coin 20 times how many times would you expect it to land on heads?

A fair coin would be expected to land on heads 10 times on average.

If you flip a coin three times what is the probability that it will land in heads three times?


Are any US coins more likely to land on heads or tails?

No there is a fifty fifty chance of getting heads or tails

If you were to flip a coin 4 times what is the probability it will land on heads the same number of times that it lands on tails?


What is the probability of heads on one flip of a coin?

you would think there is a 50% chnce of it landing on heads. However due to the weight of the metal on the picture on the coin it is actually about 5009/10,000 chance it will land on heads.

If you flip a coin 10 times what is the posability that the coin will land on heads?

The probability that the coin will land on heads each time is 1/2. (1/2) to the tenth power is 1/1024. This is the probability that the coin will not land on heads. Subtract it from one to get the probability that it will : 1-(1/1024)There is a 1023/1024 or about 99.90234% chance that the coin will land on heads at least once.(There is a 1/1024 chance that the coin will land on heads all four times.)

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