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No, median is not an outlier.

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Q: Is Median an outlier
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Related questions

How does the outlier affect the median?

Outlier does not affect the median.

How do you determine how the outlier affects the mean median mode and range?

Calculate the mean, median, and range with the outlier, and then again without the outlier. Then find the difference. Mode will be unaffected by an outlier.

How does outlier affect mean median mode?

An outlier pulls the mean towards it. It does not affect the median and only affects the mode if the mode is itself the outlier.

What is the outlier of the mean median and mode?

The median and mode cannot be outliers. For small samples a mode could be an outlier.

How does an outlier affect data?

it messes up the mean and sometimes the median. * * * * * An outlier cannot mess up the median.

How does the outlier affect the mean median mode?

An outlier can increase or decrease the mean and median It usually doesn't affect the mode

How would the outlier affect the mean and median of the data?

An outlier will pull the mean and median towards itself. The extent to which the mean is affected will depend on the number of observations as well as the magnitude of the outlier. The median will change by a half-step.

Given the following data 164 175 126 135 159 143 55 what effect will the outlier have on the median of the data if the outlier is excluded?

If the outlier is excluded the median of the data will be higher.

What is the median of a normal distribution to outlier as lunar perigee is to lunar?

The median of a normal distribution to outlier as lunar perigee is to lunar is an elliptical orbit.

How does the outlier affect the mean and median?

The mean is better than the median when there are outliers.

Between Mean Median and Mode which are affected most by an outlier?

The mean is affected the most by an outlier.

What is an ouutlier effect on the median?

An outlier pulls the median towards it. For example 1,2,3 Median=2 1,2,3,7 Median=2.5

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