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no it is not possible because you have to take the square of error that is (x-X)2. the square of any number is always positive


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It is not possible to have a negative standard deviation because:

SD (standard deviation) is equal to the square of V (variance).

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Q: Is it possible for a standard deviation to be negative?
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What can cause standard deviation to be negative?

Standard deviation can never be negative.

Can standard deviation and variance be negative?

No. Neither the standard deviation nor the variance can ever be negative.

Would the mean and standard deviation be negative if the set has only negative values?

The mean would be negative, but standard deviation is always positive.

Can standard deviation be a negative?

No. Standard deviation is the square root of a non-negative number (the variance) and as such has to be at least zero. Please see the related links for a definition of standard deviation and some examples.

How do you know if a z score is positive or negative?

A negative Z-Score corresponds to a negative standard deviation, i.e. an observation that is less than the mean, when the standard deviation is normalized so that the standard deviation is zero when the mean is zero.

What if the standard deviation is negative?

There is a calculation error.

Can The standard deviation of a distribution be a negative value?

No. The standard deviation is not exactly a value but rather how far a score deviates from the mean.

Is it possible that the standard deviation is less than one?

Yes, a standard deviation can be less than one.

Is it possible for the mean and standard deviation to be equal?


What are the four numbers have the smallest possible standard deviation?

If all four numbers are the same, there is no standard deviation. The mean will be equal to all 4 numbers, resulting in a 0 standard deviation. Ex) 5,5,5,5

Is it possible that in standard normal distribution standard deviation known and mean unknown?

it is possible to distribute standard deviation and mean but you dont have to understand how the mouse runs up the clock hicorky dickory dock.

Can a standard deviation of 4.34 be correct?

Yes is possible for 4.34 to be a standard deviation for a set of numbers. The set of numbers will determine what it is, but that is a perfectly valid value.