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It is a discrete random variable.

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Not a random variable

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Q: Is the gender of college students a discrete random variable a continuous random variable or not a random variable?
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Which has more variation the IQ scores of 30 students in a statistics class or the IQ scores of 30 patrons watching a movie?

I would say 30 people sitting in a theatre have more variation in their respective IQs primarliy because it is a more random sample. Assuming that the testing involves a U.S. only sample and assuming that the statistics class is a college level class, one can argue that the 30 students will all have average to above average IQs since they all have the desire to go to college and have been admitted to college. On the other hand, there is no variable that allows one to discern if the theatre goers have same or similar IQs.

Does bar graph show frequency?

It can. The most common type of bar graph is a frequency bar graph in which values of a variable (typically a categorical variable such as type of vehicle or college major) are on the x-axis (abscissa) and frequency (as in how many vehicles or people have that value) is on the y-axis (ordinate). But there are many other types of bar graphs so although they likely show frequency, they may not. Check the label on the y-axis to find out.

How Students Can Get The Most Out Of Their Community College Education?

Community colleges are all the rage right now. Statistics show that more than half of the college student population are enrolled in community colleges. With President Obama's new college initiative that figure is expected to at least double. Here are a few steps college students can take to help them get the most from their community college education. Step 1: Know which kind of associates degree you are really want. The A.A.S. degree is a two-year degree that is for vocational occupations such as business, nursing, fashion, graphics, etc. The A.A. or the A.S. degree with liberal arts degrees that prepare you for and allows you to transfer to a four year college degree. Make sure you are on the right road for which ever degree you choose because it is very hard to switch from one to the other. Step 2: Don't tire yourself out. Again statistics show that most community college students are working as well as going to school. Remember that you can't work full time and go to school full time and not expect to be to the bone tired. Step 3: If you plan on transferring to a four year college make sure the classes you are taking at the community college are transferable to the four year college of your choice. Step 4: Attend every class scheduled. It is often tempting to miss a class here or there but remember attendance often counts for a large chunk of your grade. Be active in class discussions and assignments. Step 5: Use the community colleges resource center. You can use their computers, career counseling, health centers, etc. Tuition and fees go for the provision of these resources so use them when available. If you follow even one of these steps you can have a more fulfilling education. You can meet other students from different walks of life and experiences which can help you in your educational studies. One of the most important things to remember is that learning should be a fun experience and we should be open to learning something new every day of our lives.

Look at Rate My Professors?

Before taking a college course, a student should always be sure to check out the site "" This site offers the reviews from students on various professors that have taught at the school. If a professor is known for being biased in his or her grading, then you can find this information on the website.

When could the sampling error be zero?

I believe you are considering the sampling error as calculated from data. I will give you some examples: If you get the exactly same response from all participants in a survey, you will calculate zero sampling error. For example, if I ask 10 people if Obama Barack is the President of the US, I would probably get 10 "yes" responses. Now the answer was well known, so I would expect very few "no" response. If your measurements are not very sensitive or are recorded with a lack of precision, then there can be zero sampling error. For example, I take the body temperature of students at the college and consider any temperature from 97 to 99 degree F to be normal. I find all students in my sample have normal temperatures. So, zero sampling error can occur because a) sample is small, b) variation in response is either non-existent or very small. In theoretical calculations, where sample error is based on the probability distribution of the population, one can calculate for discrete variables, the probability that a sample error will be zero.

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