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No, it is not resistant.
It can be pulled toward influential points.

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Q: Is the least-squares regression line resistant?
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A point that is always on the regression line?

(mean x, mean y) is always on the regression line.

Why are there two regression lines?

There are two regression lines if there are two variables - one line for the regression of the first variable on the second and another line for the regression of the second variable on the first. If there are n variables you can have n*(n-1) regression lines. With the least squares method, the first of two line focuses on the vertical distance between the points and the regression line whereas the second focuses on the horizontal distances.

Given a linear regression equation of equals 20 - 1.5x where will the point 3 15.5 fall with respect to the regression line?

on the lineGiven a linear regression equation of = 20 - 1.5x, where will the point (3, 15) fall with respect to the regression line?Below the line

How do you solve regression line?

by regrsioning it.

Is the line of best fit the same as linear regression?

Linear Regression is a method to generate a "Line of Best fit" yes you can use it, but it depends on the data as to accuracy, standard deviation, etc. there are other types of regression like polynomial regression.

Are regression and trend line the same?


What is a regression line that is superimposed on the scatter plot?


What is the line of regression?

line that measures the slope between dependent and independent variables

What is another name for the regression line?

It is often called the "Least Squares" line.

What is the different between correlation and regression?

correlation we can do to find the strength of the variables. but regression helps to fit the best line

What is regression line?

Regression techniques are used to find the best relationship between two or more variables. Here, best is defined according to some statistical criteria. The regression line is the straight line or curve based on this relationship. The relationship need not be a straight line - it could be a curve. For example, the regression between many common variables in physics will follow the "inverse square law".

What is the line that most clearly fits a set of data called in math?

A regression line.

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