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No, it is not true.

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Q: Is this true Both exams had the same range so they must have had the same median?
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Can numerical data have a range median or mode?

Yes. They must have a range and median. They may or may not have a mode.

What is a set of 5 numbers with a mean of 10 mode of 6 median of 9 and range of 8?

There cannot be such a set.If the mean is 10, the mode is 6 and the median is 9, the range must be at least 8.5.If the mode is 6, the median is 9 and the range is 8, the mean must be less than 9.8.

Why doesn't the median from the percent cf curve is the same as the median from my box plot?

You must have made a mistake with one (or both) of them.

What is a quartile in a math problem?

A quartile is a given section in a range of data. To find the quartile, you must first find the median. Then find the "median of the median", using these to separate your data into sections, giving you a total of four sections of data.

What is the median number of 481059?

The median of only one number is itself so the answer must be 481059.The median of only one number is itself so the answer must be 481059.The median of only one number is itself so the answer must be 481059.The median of only one number is itself so the answer must be 481059.

What numbers have a mean of 5 a median of -1 and the range of 6?

It is easy to prove that such a set of numbers cannot exist. If the median is -1 and the mean is different from the median, then there must be at least one number that is less than or equal to -1. Then, if the range is 6, the largest number can only be 5. If the largest number is 5 and the mean is 5, then all the numbers must be 5. That is not possible because there is at least one that is -1 or smaller.

What set of 12 numbers have the following landmarks minimum 3 maxium 3 median 7 and mode 7?

If the minimum and maximum are both 3 then all 12 numbers must be 3. In that case, the median and mode must also be 3.

What three numbers have a mean greater than 135 and the median number is not in the central group and a range less than 20?

If there are only three numbers, the median MUST be the central number. Any question that claims otherwise is incorrect.

What is the Law for stopping for school bus with median in Georgia?

If there is a barrier median, cars on the same side side of the road as the bus must stop, but cars on the other side of the barrier median do not. . If it is only a simple double yellow line, cars on both sides must stop.

How do you get the median of a range of numbers that match a specified criteria in Excel?

You have to use the MEDIAN and IF function together and then enter it as an array formula. Say you wanted to find the median of values in cells from E2 to E27 that were over 20, you would type this in. =MEDIAN( IF( E2:E27>20, E2:E27 ) ) To enter it as an array formula, you must press Ctrl- Shift - Enter together. The formula will then appear with curly braces around it, indicating that it is an array function.

Do stock brokers have to be licensed in order to practice in the United States?

Yes, in the United States, a stock broker must pass the Series 63 and the Series 7 exams to be licensed. Once they pass both exams, the potential broker must apply for the license through SGX and MAS.

How can you find the median of the data without listing the values?

The median of a data set is the number that is literally in the middle. For example: The median of the number set 1,1,3,4,7, is 3 because it is in the physical middle of the set of numbers. Note: To find a median, the numbers MUST be in written in order the median of 2,6,3, is not 6. You must rearrange them like: 2,3,6 and we can see 3 is the median