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Q: What are the 3 types of scatter plot correlation?
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Is it possible for a scatter plot to have a positive or negative association that is not linear?

Certainly. It could, for example, be a power relationship such as y = x^3

What are the 3 things you can do with coordinates?

Plot straight line or curved graphs on the Cartesian plane Plot a line of 'best fit' for any correlation of given data Solve simultaneous equations when the coordinates intersect each other Transformations

Can a correlation equal to 3?

A correlation coefficient cannot exceed 1.

How do you graph a scatter plot?

You create a grid with the x and y axiis (pardon spelling) and place a point where the values for x and y intercept. Consider the point (5, -3). On the x-axis you move 5 to the right, and for y you move 3 down.

What are the various approaches for data exploration.Give Examples?

various approaches to data exploration are 1. perfect correlation 2. strong correlation 3. weak correlation

What is the name for when 3 lines cross with coordinates?

positive correlation

What is the plot of the Werewolf?

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Where do you find a goofy plot 3?

To find an English version of "A Goofy Plot" 3, go to

What is a scatter diagram how is it useful?

Sometimes when we graph the relationship between two varying quantities of real life on a coordinate plane we get dots scattered on coordinate plane. For example graph average math score of students from grade 8. Let's consider their 8-week score. (1, 50) (2, 52), (3, 49), (4, 58), (5, 60), (6, 65), (7, 64), (8, 68). If you plot these coordinates you will get the points scattered points. 1) It is helpful to study the relationship between two varying quantities. 2) It says whether the relation is positive or negative. Sometimes we may not have any relation. 3) Such relation is called as correlation. 4) In the above example the graph has positive correlation. As the week increases the average scores also increases. There may be some down fall. Overall, it is a positive variation.

What is the plot pirates of the carribian 3?

The. plot is that will and everyone is trying find daveyjones chest

What is the correlation between these pointsWhat is the correlation between these points (1 2) (2 2) (2 3) (2 4) (3 4) (4 5)?

They appear to be two straight lines that intercept each other at (2, 3) when plotted on the Cartesian plane

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The First Churchills - 1969 Plot Counter-Plot 1-3 was released on: UK: 11 October 1969 USA: 24 January 1971