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If the probability of an event is p, then the complementary probability is 1-p.

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Q: What is the relationship between the probability of a simple event and its complement?
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When two probabilities are added together the probability represents a simple events?

No, it is not.

What is downside probability?

This is a very simple statistic to comprehend and to calculate. It takes the frequency distribution method of calculating probability. The statistic is calculated as This statistic is simple to interpret as well. What it calculates is the probability of the portfolio to get a negative return. It can be comprehended that a higher figure would mean a higher probability of fund to do give negative returns.

How many types of correlation?

There are 3 types1.positive/ negative/zero/2.linear/non-linear3.simple/multiple/partial- If the direction is same,the relationship is positive-If the direction is opposite , the relationship is negative-If the amount of change is constant in different variable it is linear-If the amount of change is not constant in different variable is non- linear-If it is establishing a relationship between two characteristic then it is simple- If it is establishing a relationship between three or more characteristic then it is multiple-If it is establishing a relationship between only one of all the variable then it is partial

Probability is the what that something will or will not happen?

Probability is the chances of something happening. For example the coin.... Its probability is 50:50 for the simple reason the outcome is either heads or tails. It also can be written in many ways... Such as 50:50, 50/5, or 50%Probability is the odds (chance) that something will or will not happen.

When would you use simple linear regression?

You use it when the relationship between the two variables of interest is linear. That is, if a constant change in one variable is expected to be accompanied by a constant [possibly different from the first variable] change in the other variable. Note that I used the phrase "accompanied by" rather than "caused by" or "results in". There is no need for a causal relationship between the variables. A simple linear regression may also be used after the original data have been transformed in such a way that the relationship between the transformed variables is linear.

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