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There are a number of appropriate displays to show the measures of variation for a data set. Different graphs can be used for this purpose which may include histograms, stemplots, dotplots and boxplots among others.

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Q: Which is an appropriate display to show the measures of variation for a data set?
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How can you describe variation in a set of data?

measures of variation

What are two ways you could display variation data?

A chart would be good for continuous and discontinuous data, as for the environmental variation would be a diagram.

What data display is most appropriate for displaying data that are in distinct categories?

A bar chart or a pie chart.

What is measure of variation?

A measure of variation, also called a measure of dispersion, is a type of measurement that details how a set of data is scattered from a central or neutral point of origin. Range, variance and standard deviation are three measures of variation that are commonly used.

How do you make a appropriate data display of a bar graph?

To make an appropriate display, you must put the numbers on the side,the title above it,and the words underneath to describe what you are showing.For example,if it was weeks you would put ''weeks'' to show that you are describing the weeks.

What is mean data?

Mean data are observations whose values are equal to the mean of the data set. By default it is the arithmetic mean but it could be the geometric or harmonic mean - if those measures are more appropriate.

How the math theory changed math thinking?

Mathematics can be referred to as a discipline of understanding in which mathematical reasonings are used to display patterns or assumptions in a wide variation of data.

What does symbolic data means-?

Symbolic data differ from standard data in that they contain internal variation.

What is the appropriate measures of central tendency for ratio data?

iDK! do your homework! or even better! pay attention in class! i learned that the hard way.

What is a variation in data?

it means the data is different; the data varies.

What is responsible for providing users with access to appropriate data in a database?

A database management system (DBMS) is responsible for providing users with access to appropriate data in a database. The DBMS controls user access permissions, enforces security measures, and manages queries to ensure users can retrieve the data they are authorized to access.

How does mean median and mode apply in life?

They are statistical measures that are used, when appropriate, to summarise the central tendency of a set of data. That is, given a number of observations, these measures can give an indication of the value near which they all are.