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they us it in computer graphics

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Q: How do computer software engineers use trigonometry?
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Do engineers use trigonometry?


What do engineers use trigonometry for?

Engineers use trigonometry anywhere that involves non-right angles. That includes building cars and buildings, bridges, and many other structures. they also use trigonometry when dealing with fields, like magnetic and electric fields. Also, trigonometry is very important with engineers who deal with waves, such as sound or light engineers.

What tools do computer engineers use?

they use different computers and software to design hardware such as RAM, CPUs, etc. that run your computer

Sound Engineers use trigonometry?

Trigonometry is used to define triangles, but it is also useful in the representation of waves. Sound engineers, obviously, use deal with sound waves. The pitch, volume, and direction of a sound wave are all deeply rooted in trigonometry.

With what degree can I get the best computer jobs?

Most people who have a job working with computers have a degree in computer science or software engineering. software engineers use math and computer science to create and design software for our computers.

What types of computer software do mechanical engineers use to design prototypes?

Cad,hyfr,bmfg,rimi,bbc,and invinter

Computer Software Engineers Drive The Industry?

Software and hardware are the twin pillars of computer science. The practical applications of software and hardware are the entire electronics and computer industries and all of their sub-fields. Designing and implementing computer software systems is the responsibility of computer software engineers. These engineers use software engineering to write programs that execute specific functions. They apply the principles of computer science in addition to complex mathematical analysis in order to create, test and refine the programs and applications that make computers work. There are several benchmarks that computer software engineers strive to meet; one of them is user-friendliness, or how easily users can understand and implement the programs that they design. There are many demands placed upon computer software engineers. The most important one is that they must be master of the theory and practice of computer science in order to master the art of writing programs effectively. The design of programs always starts with meeting the needs of computer users. Once the needs are understood, the writing of the software is focused on meeting those needs. In some cases, computer software engineers may even write the actual algorithms, or instructions, that tell the computer what to do and how to do it. Usually this task is the domain of computer programmers, but sometimes computer software engineers are called upon instead. Computer software engineers can either focus on writing applications or handling the usage of computer systems. In the second capacity, they are usually work for organizations such as corporations and businesses. They are responsible for maintaining, repairing and updating the software components of an internal computer system and corresponding networks. Computer software engineers make up the majority of workers in the computer industry. Creativity and innovation are so important that they actually drive the performance of the industry. Manufacturing personnel actually make up a small portion of the total workforce employed in this industry. Computer software engineers are an interesting breed because they deal with highly abstract concepts and models, even though they are applied towards very specific, practical goals.

What jobs other than a architect requires trigonometry?

Engineers and Physicists use trigonometry, as well as people whose carrers involve acoustics, optics, and waves.

What software is a special type of 3D graphics software designed for architects and engineers who use computers to create blueprints and product specifications.?

Computer aided design (CAD).

What might engineers used to test a new software design?

An engineer might use a computer to test a new software design. They also might use a cellphone, tablet or other device to test new software designs.

Why do engineers use math?

Depends on the field... Computer Engineers use math to efficiently write programs. Mechanical engineers use math in thermodynamics. Civil engineers don't use math.

How do you do a slideshow on your computer?

Download Software or use software already on your computer.

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