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Engineers use trigonometry anywhere that involves non-right angles. That includes building cars and buildings, bridges, and many other structures. they also use trigonometry when dealing with fields, like magnetic and electric fields. Also, trigonometry is very important with engineers who deal with waves, such as sound or light engineers.

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Q: What do engineers use trigonometry for?
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Do engineers use trigonometry?


How do computer software engineers use trigonometry?

they us it in computer graphics

Sound Engineers use trigonometry?

Trigonometry is used to define triangles, but it is also useful in the representation of waves. Sound engineers, obviously, use deal with sound waves. The pitch, volume, and direction of a sound wave are all deeply rooted in trigonometry.

What jobs other than a architect requires trigonometry?

Engineers and Physicists use trigonometry, as well as people whose carrers involve acoustics, optics, and waves.

What occupations use trigonometry?

Many kinds of engineers, navigator, surveyor, architect, air traffic controller, cartographer and many more.

Who uses Pi?

Math teachers, Engineers, and students taking trigonometry and geometry.

How can trigonometry be useful in metallurgy?

how can trigonometry use in metallurgy

How can you use trigonometry in the field as a criminology?

Trigonometry is used in many situations and jobs in life, including architects, surveyors, astronauts, physicists, engineers and even crime scene investigators. The latter use trigonometry for example to calculate a projectile's trajectory, to estimate what might have caused a collision in a car accident or how did an object fall down from somewhere (for example from a rooftop).

How do astronomers use trigonometry?

One example of an astronomer's use of trigonometry is determining the distance to a star by triangulation.

Do farmers use trigonometry?

Well, if Edward Cullen the bloodsucking vampire can use trigonometry. Then I am asuming farmers can as well.

What do mechanics use trigonometry for?

Mechanics use trigonometry to find angles mostly used in body or chassis work.

Who invented trigonometry?

The first recorded use of trigonometry came from the Hellenistic mathematician Hipparchus

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