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A number that makes an equation true is its solution.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Number that makes an equation true?
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How would you explain to someone who has not yet studied trigonometry the difference between an identity and an equation?

An identity is true for all values of the variable whereas an equation is true for only a finite number of values.For example,Identity: (x + 2)3 = x3 + 6x2 + 12x + 27 is true, whatever the value of x.ButEquation: x3 - x = 0 is true only when x = -1, 0 or 1.

One number is equal to two times a second number two times the first number plus two times the second number is twenty if you let x stand for the first number and y for the second what are the two num?

X = 1st numberY = 2nd numberFacts given:X = 2Y (One number is equal to 2 times the second number)2X + 2Y = 20 (2 times the 1st number, plus 2 times the 2nd number is 20)Now we can easily find X and Y.We'll use a method called substitution to help us.Our first equation: X = 2Y is already solved for X. (it equals 2Y's!)So let's substitute x = 2y into the 2nd equation and find out what y is. Remember to use parenthesis!2x + 2y = 202(2y) + 2y = 204y + 2y = 206y = 20y = 20/6y = 10/3We found a number for Y, even though it is a fraction.Let's substitute it back into our 1st equation to figure out what x is.x = 2yx = 2(10/3)x = 20/3In order to check and see if x = 20/3 and y = 10/3, substitute both x and y into either equation. You pick!2x + 2y = 202(20/3) + 2(10/3) = 2040/3 + 20/3 = 2060/3 = 2020 = 20 (check)

If the discriminant of a quadratic equation is zero and one root of the equation is 5 what is the value of the other root?

It too will have a value of 5

Are trigonometric equations and trigonometric identities are the same thing?

In a trigonometric equation, you can work to find a solution set which satisfy the given equation, so that you can move terms from one side to another in order to achieve it (or as we say we operate the same things to both sides). But in a trigonometric identity, you only can manipulate separately each side, until you can get or not the same thing to both sides, that is to conclude if the given identity is true or false.

How do you solve the equation 3x-12 plus 4x plus 7?

Without an equality sign it's not an equation but it can be simplified to: 7x-5

Related questions

A value that makes an equation true?

Any number that makes an equation true is a 'solution of an equation'. it is a solution

What is A number that makes a equation true?

The solution set is the answers that make an equation true. So I would call it the solution.

What is a number that when substituted in an equation makes a true statement?

A solution or root makes a true statement when substituted in an equation.

The number that makes an equation true?

The solution

What is the number that makes an equation true called?

It's callled the "solution" of the equation.

What is a number that makes equation true?

It is one of a set of solutions.

What number when substituded for the variable in an equation makes the equation true?

you have to solve the actual equation in order to answer this about your variable

Is the solution to an equation any number that makes the equation true?

not always but most of the time yes

What is a root of a quadratic equation?

The root of any equation is a number which ... when substituted for the variable ...makes the equation a true statement.

A number that makes an equation true?

A number that makes an equation true is a solution. If there is more than one answer to an equation (such as an equation like): (x-2)(x+4)=0 then it is called a solution set (and in this case would be x={-4, 2}).

What is the word for a number that makes an equation true?

Solution. A solution of an equation is a number that satisfy the equation. This means that if you replace this number on the equation and check it, the equation will be true. When you solve an equation you can find some roots, but not all of them satisfy the equation. Thus always check your answers after resolving your equation, and eliminate as solution the answers that don't make the equation true or undefined.

What is the equation to this number 63 divided equals 7?


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