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Volume = Area of the base X height of prism. This formula works for all prisms, not just triangular prisms.

Area of a triangle = height of triangle X 1/2 X base of triangle.

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Q: What is the formula for finding the volume of a triangular based prism?
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The answer depends on what you wish to work out: the angles, height, surface area, volume. Also, you need more information: the vertical or inclined height and whether or not the pyramid is a right pyramid.

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What is the formula for finding the volume of a square based prism?

V = Ah/3

What is the formula for finding the height of a triangle based pyramid that has the volume of 350cm3?

we dont know

What is the volume of triangular based pyramid with a triangular base of 20millimeters height is 22millimeters and pyramid height is 14millimeters?


How do you find the volume of a triangular based pyramid that is isosceles?

Go ask that guy

Height of a triangular based pyramid?

The height of a triangular based pyramid is given by h=2V/(bxl). V is its volume, b its base and l its length.

Formula finding the base of an equalaterial triangle?

Based on what data?

How many triangular based does a triangular prism have?

there are two triangular based sides/faces on a triangular prism

What is the surface area and volume of a triangular-based pyramid?

Volume_any_pyramid = 1/3 × area_base × perpendicular_height For a triangular pyramid (tetrahedron) this becomes: volume = 1/6 × base_width × base_height × pyramid_height For the surface area there is no (easy) general formula: the area of the base triangle and the area of the three side triangles need to be worked out and added together.

What is derivation of the formula of pyramid?

The derivation of the formula of pyramid can be gained easily based on the formula for a triangular prism. A pyramid is like two prisms joined together.

What is the formula to find the volume of a triangle based pyramid?

The formula for a triangle-base pyramid (a form of tetrahedron) isV = 1/3 Bh where B is the area of the triangular baseFind the area of the base by the formula B = 1/2 bh (height of that triangle), then multiply by 1/3 of the pyramid'sheight.

What are facts about a triangular based pyramid?

A Triangular Based Pyramid is a Pyramid which has triangular faces and a triangular base. It has 4 vertices, 6 sides, and 4 faces. A Triangular Based Pyramid is also called a Tetrahedron

What is a triangular based pyramid called?

A triangular-based pyramid is called a Tetrahedron. :)

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