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No, parallel lines are straight lines.

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Q: Can a circle be a parallel line?
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Related questions

How many parallel line in a circle?

Infinite when chords are parallel to the circle's diameter

What are the circle line parallel to the equator called?

lines of latitude

What is a line that runs parallel to the equator?

any line of latitude - including the tropic of Cancer, the Tropic of Capricorn, the Artic Circle , the Antarctic Circle

Can a circle be a parallelogram?

No, a circle can't be a parallelogram. A circle is a curve. A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides constructed with four line segments. The line segments are straight, and the circle is a continuous curve.

What is the line that goes around the globe with a parallel line?

Do you mean, like, the Earth? The equator. If you mean the line going from side to side across the middle of a circle then... the diameter of a circle

Which geometric shape could not be drawn using both perpendicular line segments and parallel line segments?

A circle.

What line forms when a plane and a cylinder intersection?

A pair of parallel lines, an ellipse or a circle.

What pairs of distinct lines or line segments of a circle cannot be parallel?

Pair of radii

Can there be parallel lines in a circle?

The two points on exactly opposite sides of a circle are parallel to each other. This can be evidenced by finding the derivative/gradient at those points; if they are the same then the two line segments described by those points are parallel.

How do you construct a parallel line?

You place a ruler on a piece of paper and trace both sides. Put the point of your pair of compasses on the line and draw a circle. Then draw another circle, that is the same size, the same way further along the line. You will then be able to use your rule to draw a line that is a tangent to the two circle, and so parallel to your first line. Once you have done this you will realize that you don't need to draw a full circle just a small arc.

What is the main line of latitude called?

The main line of latitude is called parallel. These lines would include the equator, Tropic of Capricorn, Tropic of Cancer, Antarctic Circle and the Arctic Circle.

How Are tangents to a circle equal at opposite ends of a diameter?

Tangents ..... are parallel under conditions you gave. A tangent to a circle is perpindicular to the radius (diameter) at the point of contact. 2 lines perpindicular to the same line are parallel.

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