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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: A2 plus 10a plus 30
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How do you factor a2 10a-21?

The expression is faulty because we don't have + or - before 10a. Also have to assume a2 is a2 . Use the standard formula for solving a quadratic = 0, to get two answers p and q. Then the factorization is (a-p)(a-q).

How do you factor polynomial a4 plus a2?

( a2 ) ( a2+1 )

What is a squared plus a plus a aquared?

(a2 + a + a2) = (2a2 + a) = a (2a + 1)

Factor A2 plus 4a plus 4 - b2?

a2 - 4a + 4

What is the answer to a squared plus -5a squared - a squared - a?

a2 + -5a2 - a2 - a = a2 - 5a2 - a2 - a = a2 - 6a2 - a = -5a2 - a

What does a squared plus a squared equal?

a2 + a2 = 2a2

What is the formula to calculate 149.99 minus 30 percent in Excel?

There are lots of ways of taking 30% of 149.99 away from 149.99. It is also the equivalent of getting 70% of it. Assuming the 149.99 is in cell A2, then any of these formulas will do it: =A2 - A2 * 30% =A2 - A2 * 0.3 =A2 * 70% =A2 * 0.7

What is the factor of a2 plus 9a plus 20?

a2+9a+20 = (a+4)(a+5) when factored

How do you calucate a2 plus b2?


How do you simplify 5-a-1 plus c-6a2 plus a2?

5 - a - 1 + c - 6a2 + a2

What is 2 plus a2?


If a equals -30 then A2?


If a2 plus b2 equals c2 then c2 equals b2 equals?


When a2 plus a-3 is subtracted from 3a2-5 the answer is?

5a+3a2a2= 8a a2

What Size is A2 plus paper?


How do you factor fully 'a4 plus 4b4?


Is a squared plus b squared the same as a plus b squared?

No. If you expand (a + b)2 you get a2 + 2ab + b2. This is not equal to a2 + b2

Why is the Pythagorean therm a2 plus b2 equals c2 not a plus b equals c?

l a2 b2 is c2!!Its completely norma

How do you factor quadratic equation a2 12a plus 27?

a2 + 12a + 27 = (a + 3)(a + 9)

How do you factor a2 plus 4a plus 3?

It is: (a+1)(a+3) when factored

A2 plus 3 equals 12?


What is the product of a-5 and a plus 5?

a2 - 25

A2b plus 3a2 plus 2b plus 6?

(a2 + 2)(b + 3)

If a plus b plus c equals x plus y plus z then prove a2 plus b2 plus c2 equals x2 plus y2 plus z2?

a2+b2+c2=x2+y2+z2 divide each side by 2 (a2+b2+c2)/2=(x2+y2+z2)/2 a+b+c=x+y+z