Are all graphs straight lines

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: Are all graphs straight lines
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What similarities do all graphs of linear functions share?

They are all represented by straight lines.

Do valid graphs have to have straight lines?

No they do not.

Do line graphs always have strait lines?

No, they NEVER ever have strait lines. Some graphs may have straight lines but most do not.

What is the difference between linear and non linear graphs?

Linear graphs make straight lines. Non-linear graphs make thins like parabolas, hyperbolas, and ellipses.

Are All Relationship Graphs Straight line?


How do you evaluate graphs of proportional relationships?

They are straight lines through the origin and their gradient is the constant of proportionality.

Do you use scale to draw a straight line?

I looked up and I think you use them to draw graphs but can use them to draw straight lines.

What is the difference between a linear graph and a non linear graph?

Linear graphs make straight lines. Non-linear graphs make thins like parabolas, hyperbolas, and ellipses

Do graphs represent equations?

Bar graphs and line graphs do not. Straight line, parabolic, and hyperbolic graphs are graphs of an equation.

Is a circle a polygon with curved sides?

No, all polygons have straight lines. All lines are straight

Are all straight angles straight lines?

Think about this: A straight angle makes 180 degrees, right? Straight lines, when measured by a compass, are also 180 degrees. So, yes, all straight angles are straight lines.

Can you show me a linear graph?

The link will show you several different kinds of graph. A straight line graph will literally be one straight line, representing a linear equation perhaps, or showing the closest straight line fit to a set of data. There are other line graphs that connect points on a grid with straight lines, even though the over-all graph may not be one single straight line. Graphs are very interesting and extremely useful. You can often find a straight line that is the 'best fit' for some data, but there may be other kinds of curved lines that are even better fits.