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Yes it can.

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Q: Can a discontinuous function be approximated by a fourier series?
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Discontinuous function in fourier series?

yes a discontinuous function can be developed in a fourier series

Can a discontinuous function can be developed in the Fourier series?

Yes. For example: A square wave has a Fourier series.

Can a discontinuous function be developed in a Fourier series?

Yes, a Fourier series can be used to approximate a function with some discontinuities. This can be proved easily.

Can a discontinuous function be developed in the fourier series?

yes it can, if you know how to use or have mathematica have a look at this demo

Is the infinite sum of continuous function continuous?

An infinite sum of continuous functions does not have to be continuous. For example, you should be able to construct a Fourier series that converges to a discontinuous function.

What is the difference between fourier series and discrete fourier transform?

Fourier series is the sum of sinusoids representing the given function which has to be analysed whereas discrete fourier transform is a function which we get when summation is done.

Can every function be expanded in fouriers series?

no every function cannot be expressed in fourier series... fourier series can b usd only for periodic functions.

What is the Fourier series triangle function?


What is the difference between fourier series and fourier transform with real life example please?

A Fourier series is a set of harmonics at frequencies f, 2f, 3f etc. that represents a repetitive function of time that has a period of 1/f. A Fourier transform is a continuous linear function. The spectrum of a signal is the Fourier transform of its waveform. The waveform and spectrum are a Fourier transform pair.

What is harmonic as applied to fourier series?

When we do a Fourier transformation of a function we get the primary term which is the fundamental frequency and amplitude of the Fourier series. All the other terms, with higher frequencies and lower amplitudes, are the harmonics.

What is fourier series?

Consider a periodic function, generally defined by f(x+t) = f(x) for some t. Any periodic function can be written as an infinite sum of sines and cosines. This is called a Fourier series.

What are Joseph Fourier's works?

Fourier series and the Fourier transform