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So long as your employer didn't promise a raise in a contract, then your employer is under no obligation to provide you a raise - no matter how stellar of an employee you are.

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Q: Can an employer freeze your raise that you were supposed to receive after 1 year of employment Worked there 2 years haven't missed a day of work?
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How long do you have to be employed in Oregon to receive unemployment?

To receive unemployment in Oregon, one must have worked 500 hours of subject employment as a requirement. The amount of unemployment received will depend on the wages that were paid by the employer.

What do I do if my employer will not pay me?

If the employer will not pay for hours worked, contact your STATE employment commission. If the employer will not pay for vacation or sick leave, you have no appeal.

Can employer refuse to send you a letter of end of employment?

Certainly. No law requires the employer to do more than pay you for hours worked.

Does your employer know if you file unemployment?

Yes. All employers you worked for in the base period (the first 4 of the last 5 completed calendar quarters) are contacted by the employment security investigators to see if you were eligible to receive benefits from having worked for them>

Can I be denied an employment verification letter from a past employer?

An employer is not required to provide you with a verification letter. They do have to verbally state if someone calls that you have worked there.

What is the impact of an employment contract on employment-at-will?

An employment contract dictates the conditions of employment, such as salary, vacation, benefits, etc. An "at will" employee serves at the pleasure of the employer, meaning their employment can be terminated at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. The effect of an employment contract on an at-will employee would be to set salary, benefits and so on as long as the employee worked at that employer.

If you worked for 3 weeks can you still collect unemployment in Illinois?

No. Illinois considers an employer "chargeable" after 30 days of employment.

In Missouri does the employer have to pay you after you gave him a 2 week notice and he terminated your employment?

The employer has to pay you whatever you are owed from time you have worked, but that is it, unless you have a contract that states otherwise (you probably do not).

If you live in Georgia but worked in Tampa Florida can you collect unemployment insurance?

Yes, and you would file in Florida because it is the "liable state" which collected employment taxes from the employer you worked for.

In New Jersey do you add part time and full time when calculating work for unemployment benefits?

Yes, you are supposed to report the total employment worked in the base period, combining multiple employment, if applicable. Your benefits will depend on whether the employer was subject to the New Jersey Unemployment Compensation Law and if your own employment was not excluded under the law. See the Related Link below for more details.

Can you collect unemployment benefits after a short term temporary employment of 3 months if you again can not find employment?

Although laws vary from state to state, many states require that you earned a defined amount of wages (typically referred to as bona fide wages) with your most recent separating employer for that separation to be considered. You should determine what that formula is for the state in which you are filing. If you did not earn sufficient wages to be considered bona fide with the employer where you worked three months, then separation information would be obtained from the employer where you last earned the qualifying wages. If you did earn bona fide wages with the employer where you worked three months, and you have an employment history that defines you as monetarily eligible (check with the state to see the specific requirements for monetary eligibility), and were separated due to no fault of your own, then you should meet all requirements to receive benefits and the length of the employment does not matter.

Will you receive unemployment benefits from a prior employer if you're terminated from a current position where you are a consultant with no employee benefits other than paycheck?

It depends on too many factors to list here. For example, the state(s) you worked in, reason(s) for termination, length of time worked in both employments, amounts of money you were paid in wages, whether the employer(s) were covered under the employment laws of the state, etc.

Can you receive unemployment from a previous employer?

You have to apply for it. You can only receive unemployment if you are currently unemployed, searching for a job and otherwise qualify for unemployment benefits. Some of the qualifications include not being fired for any cause of your own, having worked at your previous place of employment a certain # of hours a week for a certain amount of time, etc.

If you walk out on an employer should you still list that you worked for them?

If you walk out on an employer should you still list that you worked for them?

What do i do if my employer won't pay me?

Took a vacation that was scheduled. Payday did not receive check. Employer states that he can resubmit it and I will get paid, as if taking a vacation but I would have to work and if company finds out I worked, then I would get fired. ?????

In Michigan what can an employer tell anyone about your previous employment whether it is another employee or perhaps someone looking for a reference?

They can only state whether you worked there and what dates.

Who was Clara Barton's employer?

she didn't have an employer, she worked for herself

Can a former employer prevent you from getting gainful employment?

Yes and no. Laws vary place to place. In general, a former employer may provide truthful information regarding your performance, job duties, and reason for ending your employment. If that information is accurate, and because of it you do not get a job, the is legal. If you worked for me for a month, I fired you for stealing, and I am contacted by another employer, I CAN tell them that. I cannot tell them your were fired for stealing if you were not.

How easy is it to get hired to be a project management job?

Depends on a lot of things. A potential employer is going to be looking at your previous experience and employment, as well as references from people who have worked with you in the past.

Can your employer hold your check if you quit?

No. You are entitled to receive your wages for any hours that you worked. Your employer is typically required to pay you on the next regularly scheduled pay day, although some states require payment to be made sooner.

What is employer definition?

Anyone you have worked for in the past.

Why is social security available?

Because it is supposed to be a earned benefit (OASI) OLD AGE SURVIVORS INSURANCE that you and your employer have contributed amounts to from your earnings that you worked for over the past years.

I would like to do a background check to see what a former empployer is saying about be ?

There isn't much you can do to determine what a former employer is saying about your time there, except that in Tennesee, it is illegal for an employer to say anything except how long you worked there and if you are eligable for rehire. You could have an employment service call them.

Can a previous employer tell a prospective new employer about how much sick time you used?

The only questions they are "supposed" to answer is How long you worked there and What type of employee were you considered while under their employ for the specific job that you were hired to do. They can verify the amount of pay you made and if you were punctual.

How do a individual get employment verification from KBR from year 2005 to 2010 when they were working overseas in Iraq?

How do I get employment verification from Kellogg Brown & Root(KBR) when you worked in Iraq for them? KBR changed their employer name to when they move to Service Employee International when they moved the company and changed the employer's name to Dubai