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I don't think so. When something is parallel they never touch and they always keep the same distance apart. So I don't think they can be parallel and intersecting at the same time.

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Q: Can two lines and faces be both parallel and intersecting?
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Can you arrange lines in a plane so there both parallel and intersecting?

no. its impossible. Parallel mean lines that never touch. unless you have more than two lines. than you can make two parallel and or more intersecting them both.

Can two lines be both parallel and intersecting?

Not normally unless the parallel lines are intersected by a transversal line

Can you arrange lines in a plane so they're both paraller and intersecting?

NO. Line are always parallel or intersecting. They're never both at the same time.

Can two lines be both non intersecting and non parallel?

no, if two lines are not parallel then the will eventually have to intersect.Alternate perspective:Yes, if two lines are non-parallel, they need not intersect in three dimensional space.

Can two line segments be both intersecting and parallel?

Not in Euclidean geometry, but in other geometries such lines are possible.

What do intersecting lines have in common?

there both lines

How are perpendicular lines similar and different to intersecting lines?

Perpendicular lines are specific kinds of intersecting lines. They both cross paths. Intersecting lines can cross paths in any way, but perpendicular lines have to cross at right angles.

Can parallel lines be created from intersecting a double napped cone?

No; there is no physical way to intersect a plane and a double-napped cone to obtain parallel lines. The problem lies in getting a second line that doesn't intersect the first, since both cones intersect at a point, there is no way get a second line without intersecting the first line.

When two lines are both intersected by a third line the non-adjacent angles which are in the interior of the two lines and on opposite sides of the intersecting line are called?

If the intersected lines are parallel then the angles are called equal alternate angles

What are two intersecting lines and a third line that intersects both lines?

a triangle

How are perpendicular line similar to intersecting?

They both cross paths. Intersecting lines can cross paths in any ways, but perpendicular lines have to cross at 90 degrees.

How are perpendicular lines and intersecting line?

Both lines intersect other lines, but the difference is a perpendicular line intersects another line at a 90 degree angle meanwhile the intersecting lines can meet at any angle