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Q: Can you get negative decimal numbers?
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Is a decimal and negative numbers odd or even?

Decimal are not. But negative numbers can be odd or even.

Are nagative numbers always numbers decimal negative?

Any number, negative or positive, can be expressed as a decimal number. So a negative number can always be expressed as a negative decimal.

Is it possible to have negative decimal numbers?

yes, it is possible to have a negative decimal.

How do you divide a positive decimal by a negative decimal?

-- Ignore the signs temporarily. -- Divide the numbers. -- The quotient is negative.

Are negative decimals rational numbers?

Yes, negative decimal numbers are rational, as long as it is terminating or repeating.

Is decimal number greater than a negative number?

Positive numbers are greater than negative numbers. Decimals can be either positive or negative.

Can negative decimal numbers be a rational number?


What decimal numbers come before zero?

The decimal numbers that come before zero are : -20.3, -40.8 , -0.6 , -6.02 and many more . These are the numbers come before zero and present on left side of the number line.

What are positive and negative numbers but have no decimal or fractional portion?


What is -0.567 on the number system?

In the number system , there are decimal numbers, fractions,rational numbers , irrational numbers , negative and positive numbers.-0.567 on the number system is negative number.

How many eight digit numbers are there?

There are 90,000,000 whole numbers.If you include negative numbers, this doubles to 180,000,000.If you include decimal numbers, eg 1.2345678, there are 666,000,000 positive numbers, disallowing numbers with extraneous 0's.Including negative numbers, this doubles to 1,332,000,000If you allow trailing 0's in the decimal place, than this becomes 730,000,000 non-negative numbers, or 1,459,999,999 numbers (since -0.0000000 = 0.0000000)If you allow a decimal point without a digit in front, there are a further 90,000,000 non-negative numbers, or 180,000,000 including negative numbers.Allowing trailing 0's, this becomes 100,000,000 non-negative or 199,999,999 numbers.Maximum total:1,659,999,998 allowing trailing 0's, and allowing numbers without a digit in front of the decimal point.

Largest positive and negative numbers for 8 bit signed numbers in decimal?

127 -128