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Q: Find the graph of the inequality y?
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Find the graph of the inequality y -2x - 2?


Find the graph of the inequality y -x plus 1?

"y - x + 1" is not an inequality. It is a simple expression. If you want something like "y - x + 1 > 0" that would be an inequality. Rephrase and resubmit.

What do the shaded dots refer to in the graph of an inequality?

The shaded area of the graph of an inequality show the solution to the inequality. For example, if the area below y = x is shaded it is showing those ordered pairs which solve y < x.

Is a graph of an equation the same as an inequality?

no the graph will be written in slope intercept form or y=mx+b

What is the y- intercept of the graph of -305y?

-305y is not an equation (nor inequality) and so cannot represent a graph.

Find the graph of the inequality y plus 2 -x - 6?


What is the definition of graph of an inequality?

a graph

Suppose y is alone on the left side of an inequality After you graph the boundary how can you decide whether to include the boundary in the graph and which region to shade?

If the inequality is strict (< or >) then the boundary is not included. Otherwise (≤ or ≥), it is.

Which inequality symbols are represented by a solid line on a graph?

The graph of an inequality is a region, not a line.

When graphing an inequality with the symbol less than or equal to what is drawn?

if you have y <= f(x), then graph the function y = f(x) with a solid line, then shade everything below that graph.

What best describes the graph of the inequality 3x - y 5?


Which is a correct way of graphing the line y -x - 2?

y -x - 2 is not an equation (nor an inequality) and so there is no way to graph it.

How will you graph the solution of an inequality?

we should prevent inequality by

How do you find x and y intercepts?

if you are looking at a graph the y intercept is when the graph crosses the y axis and the x intercept is when the graph crosses the x axis. if you have a formula... plug zero in for x to find the y intercept, and plug zero in for y to find the x intercept

Graph the solution set of the linear inequality 5x-2y4?

graph the inequality 5x+2y<4

How do you graph yx-7?

You can graph an equation or an inequality but you cannot graph an expression.

Which graph shows the inequality?


How do you find acceleration of a speed time graph?

Acceleration=change in y graph/change in x graph

How do you find a equation from a graph?

You find the slop and y-intersept

What does a dashed line represent on a graph?

It can represent the graph of a strict inequality where the inequality is satisfied by the area on one side of the dashed line and not on the other. Points on the line do not satisfy the inequality.

To graph the inequality is y less than or equal to negative 5x plus 3 you would draw a solid line?


Find the constant of variation and the slope of the given line from the graph of y equals 2.5x?

find the constant of variation and the slope of the given line from the graph of y=2.5x

Find the y-intercept of the graph y equals sin x?

It is zero.

What is the graph of a linear inequality in two variables called?

A bivariate linear inequality.

How does the inequality symbol affect the graph of an inequality with two variables?

Instead of the answer being a curve, it is a region. For example, if y > x2 + 4, the answer is not the parabola y = x2 + 4. Instead it is the region above the parabola (as if the bowl were filled with something.)